Enhanced Ecommerce and New Possibilities of Segmentation

If you run an online business, you probably track data relating to number of web site visitors or places they are coming from (If not, it is now the time to start with it! J) However, do you know exact behaviour of your visitors in a sole shopping process? Google Analytics with implemented Enhanced Ecommerce (extended ecommerce) helps you to get more detailed information about the behaviour of your visitors during their shopping. It is enables the measurement of user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across shopping experience, including product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping bag and other transactions. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce belongs to a new generation of tracking helping online shops to watch individual steps of shoppers.

Segmentation with Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce must be activated and implemented in Google Analytics. It brings owners of electronic shops new and better possibilities of ecommerce tracking on their web sites. One of these alternatives represents a segmentation. Enhanced Ecommerce is a free plugin that enables to collect various data based on shopping behaviour or checkout behaviour and many others. These data can be used for a creation of various visitor’s segments and remarketing audiences with the intent to achieve better targeting of individual campaigns.

Reports “Shopping Behaviour” and “Checkout Behaviour”

They are funnels showing tracks of web site visitors that are located in the section called Conversions - Ecommerce. The report “Shopping Behaviour” contains information on shopping behaviour of your web site visitors until the sole realisation of a transaction. The report “Checkout Behaviour” enables tracking of customer’s behaviour in a shopping bag. This allows you to get more detailed view over a number of visitors leaving a shopping bag in its individual parts. These data thus help you to optimise a traffic of visitors in a shopping bag and improve a number of finished transactions.


Both the above-mentioned reports contain various hidden buttons serving for a creation of several types of Enhanced Ecommerce segments. The picture below graphically views several possibilities of creation and work in individual segments. 

  • Click on a blue slide – creates a segment containing all visits coming to a selected step.
  • Click on a red arrow – enables to achieve information on visitors leaving a shopping bag in a selected step.
  • Click on a top part of the blue slide – allows to achieve information on visitors coming directly to a selected step without any previous steps. If you want to segment all visits in this step, you have to click on a bottom part of the slide.

Within the frame of Shopping Behaviour Analysis, it is often used a segment with visitors, who has already added a selected product into a shopping bag, but has not finished their shopping yet. This segment can be created by clicking on the red arrow in a step with visitors, who has already added their product into a shopping bag. In the following step, you will see a window, where you can name the new segment, choose from the selected data possibilities and click on the confirmation button.

In the same way, you can also create segments within the frame of Checkout Behaviour Analysis. You are able to segment visitors leaving a shopping bag in a respective step.

Enhanced Ecommerce is an ideal solution for all online shops regardless of their size.

Nevertheless, the Enhanced Ecommerce opens new possibilities in a segmentation area. They can be used either for various remarketing purposes or an effective web optimisation. Beyond the above-mentioned reports and segmentation, it helps you to achieve many other important information on popularity of your products, products addition and removal rate in a shopping bag, overall success of your product portfolio, performance of individual product categories and other data with the aim to improve the performance of you online shop. You can reach required results by a correct implementation of the Enhanced Ecommerce and we are glad to help you with all necessary steps.

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