How does a UX testing work?

What is UX testing?

UX testing is a process of testing usability of a web lead by specialists (from the agency) with a client in presence. The client watches a user how he is working with the website/online store. This process is made in order to find out what helps the customers and on the other hand what obstructions do they have while they browse your site. UX testing runs in the UX lab.

According to our experiences, UX testing is an unique experience, which changes your way of developing your products.

„Thanks to well targeted advices from ui42 we are able to continually improve our online services. UX testing and consultations help us to make our product usable for our customers. Not only the partnership approach, but also a high degree of professionalism and expertise contributed to the absolute satisfaction, and therefore we recommend ui42.“ Tomáš Sakáč, 4ka

What is UX lab?

It is a room, where any mortal. No white lab coats are needed.

UX lab is made of two separate rooms divided by one-way mirror, where one room is light (there is a moderator with a user and one room is dark (there is the client, who watches the user). A basic rule is to keep both testing room quiet without interrupting the quality of testing. We recommend to invite as many people from client´s team as possible. Why? Because it is an exceptional situation, where there is a possibility to see the user's behavior at your website in real time.


How does it work?

Moderator together with the client make up an agenda with adequate questions in advance. Those questions are asked the respondent  (potential customers). Questions are asked without any prompting or influence for the correct answer.

There are at least 5 respondents during the testing with the same assignment. Entire process is watched by observer (the other specialist from the agency) behind the mirror in the dark room. Observer writes down all the respondents´answers. Its ideal scenario would be that a client sits next to the observer to have the chance observing the process together with the agency.

UX testing is recorded, therefore the client can get back to video and audio records anytime. The results are processed after the testing. Those results are evaluated and presented with further recommendations. The sooner a client incorporates the outcomes, the sooner can it be more effective. 

Recruitment of the participants - or who is testing websites?

It may seem that anyone can be a participant to test the web, for instance random friends or someone from your Facebook friends list. However, in order to have high usability testing it is necessary to have relevant user from your target audience. You will not reach the expected findings without the right participants. It does not mean that those participants have to be “professionals”. It only means that certain rules are applied during the selection process.

How many users are needed for UX testing?

Usability testing is qualitative research, where only 5 participants are enough. The testing itself take an hour and it is only with 1 participant, who does not get any workshop or information beforehand and is not familiar with the website/online store which he/she will test.

Is there anything more you should know? 

If you would like to know, where exactly is your participant looking during the testing we can arrange Eye tracker (glasses which  follows users sight) to have the results of testing perfectly precise. Our consultant Carolina will gladly drink a coffee with you in ui42 and will explain you how does the glasses and entire process work.