Martin Krupa's book about e-shops. The first its kind in Slovakia

Martin Krupa with his more than 20 years’ experiences from online business in Slovakia is a professional in his field - UX. He is a co-founder of SUXA (Slovak User Experience Association). Apart from being a guru at web usability, he is also a technical lecturer at Slovak prestigious Universities (Slovak Technical University and Comenius University), blogger, active member at all the ecommerce online conferences and workshops and newly an author of a complex e-commerce guidebook E-shop od nápadu po úspech (E-shop from idea to success). 

If you speak Slovak, or have someone, who would be interested in and of course would understand our language, this brand new publication can be bought at those bookstores:

The first official launch of this book was at the Slovak renowned  conference MastersGate Ecommerce Summit, where Martin had the chance to step out in front of 200+ people audience to introduce his masterpiece and its merit.

You may ask yourself: So who is this book for? The book as well as MastersGate conference are primary made for e-shoppers. Not only for beginners but also for experienced e-commerce players, who want to extend their knowledge and to go beyond their comprehension.

“It’s a kind of tutorial or material manual of a successful online store starting with blueprint, development, run and expansion up to the export.”

Every conference participant has received a coupon with special code, which can be used for 15% discount at Wolters Kluwer bookstore. More over some of the lucky ones at MastersGate got Martin’s book with his handwrite and signature for free. We hope all of the winners are glad to win and we believe, information found in the book will be useful for their online world.

Last but not least, his own words about the book: 

“This new guide explains everything you need to know about e-commerce. It is written with very easy language to let the readers understand tough technicalities in an easy way in order to have a successful e-shop.”

Are you interested in the book and you would like to know more? Write Martin directly until 30.06. and he will choose one person, who will get his publication with his handwrite inside.

We wish him happy selling! :)

Robo Háger