Optimize Speed Of Your Web Site To Achieve A Calm Sleep

This month represented an important milestone for all the people in ui42. MastersGate Ecommerce Summit took place in Senec and our colleague Šimon Zámečník talked about a very interesting developer’s topic “speed of web sites and eshops”. Šimon is a skilled developer and devoted his work to web sites. He works in this field for more than 15 years and currently sits on a technical architect’s chair. Thanks to his long-time experiences, he is also able to lecture about these topics.

His presentation was planned in the evening on a main stage. Together with this topic, we also wanted to present an important case study related to an up-to-date topic GDPR prepared by Palo Adamec from KPMG. However, in a meantime there was a big interest from conference visitors, who finally decided to make a program change. Thus, we improvised and changed order of both above-mentioned presentations. Šimon began his presentation in a cosy space of mini cinema that was previously a place intended for presentation related to case studies.

This topic was really attractive and complemented by a captivating speech. It drew an attention of many people and Šimon’s presentation room was accurately full.

Two main areas - backend and frontend – represented a crucial point of his presentation. Šimon described main differences between an optimization of both areas. According to his experience, clients mostly do not differ between them and do not have a clear knowledge about their individual impacts. Optimizing topic is a really broad one and full of various technical details. Šimon tried to present it as clear as possible not only for developers, even for eshop owners and marketers. They need to have this information in regard of sales – the faster is a web site, the highest conversions can be achieved.

Šimon’s presentation introduced concrete examples of a web optimization, frontend measuring tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights as well as monitoring and backend endurance tests. His presentation was occasionally really technical. However, its content was interesting for visitors and brought various questions and answers. Due to a limited time of presentation Šimon answered some of them personally.

I love to learn from professionals, because they are literally impregnated with their “craft”. Simon’s presentation brought me the same feeling. It is a pleasure to hear a person speaking about things he or she is dealing on a daily basis. This development topic is not new to me, even though presented technical details did not bother me. Web site speed represents an up-to-date topic. As a marketer, I probably will not use all presented acceleration tips in a praxis. However, I am glad for an achieved overview. (Vilém Tretřev, Online Marketing Specialist and direct participant of MastersGate Ecommerce Summit).

All event visitors in a case study stage listened to a whole Šimon’s presentation. However, all present visitors of the main stage who listened to GDPR presentation, may now achieve Simon’s presentation on our video records, too.

 If you are interested in this topic (optimization of web site speed) and might not attend MastersGate Summit, do not hesitate to contact us.