UX Review of George - new internet banking from Slovenska Sporitelna

UX Review of George - new internet banking from Slovenska Sporitelna

He won our hearts from the beginning! Testers initial reaction was that of surprise, when they asked questions like ‘What does George mean? Why George and not Juraj? :-)’ (Juraj - Slovak equivalent of George). After the quick introduction, however, this surprise was replaced by joyful ‘Aww, it’s so nice! :-D’

The responsibility for George being nice was on parent Erste bank. We contributed by making it easy to use and we are not talking about anything else but new internet banking of Slovenska Sporitelna called George.

Usability testing

UX testing of the internet banking app’s first desktop version was carried out with help of Slovenska Sporitelna’s clients, who had an eye tracker tracking their eye movements.

This tool enabled us to see clients who were used to the old internet banking navigate the new version of it. We managed to gather insight on which places clients search for particular information or how efficient they are connecting new tools with the ones they had used previously. We were eager to see clients’ interaction with the system also because we were fully aware that old habits die hard.

New smart banking, as Slovenska Sporitelna decided to call George, introduces many positive changes - which can, however, surprise their long term clients. The bank cares about their feedback and it was crucial to find out whether they like the new system and whether it makes internet banking easier and more efficient. Moreover, Erste bank has been constantly working on new ideas and upgrades and it keeps implementing new functions and useful tools.

To see the latest updates, visit Slovenska Sporitelna’s website.

Workshop - an efficient way to find solutions

Results of these tests were crucial in further customising the app for Slovak users and in order to achieve the best possible result, specialists from all involved parties decided to organise a follow-up UX workshop which enabled us to conquer various and plentiful challenges in a very short time. The variety of the participants made the whole process faster and communication more efficient.

This means we could see the application change in front of our eyes and after implementing the initial changes, we felt like we were dealing with a completely different and brand new application.

Mobile phones

The third round of testing was dedicated purely to the application for mobile phones, George Go. The fact that users found the app ‘beautiful’ and were excited to try it gave us a boost of happiness. I myself have to admit that I find George really handsome!

On the other hand, we realised that Slovak users were looking for certain tools and functions in completely different places than the Austrian ones. We were able to complete the research with eye tracking.

We tested Android and iPhone users separately, which meant we were getting more precise information. At the moment, we can say that:

  • Elements copied from other applications - no matter how popular and efficient - do not necessarily work the same way in your app. Bank’s clients do not appreciate or look for them in a simple internet banking application, which is probably the reason they went unnoticed. For this reason, it is imperative we approach every app unbiased and from the users’ viewpoint.
  • Young people trying to be “cool” who are hesitant to admit they might find a mobile app problematic are another challenge we had to deal with.

Eye tracking enabled us to compare their subjective evaluation with reality.

We learnt that these people are either too self confident or they do not take the encountered issues as seriously as older people. We also observed that the speed is of the essence. Young people skimmed through the amount of screens just like lightning, however they were not as attentive as when they were working with the desktop version. It is not very practical then to place two seemingly equally important buttons on the same screen, as the user might get confused and unable to choose the right one.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking is a sensor technology telling us where a person is looking during testing. As a result, we can see the areas on the screen the tested person looked at marked by various colourful circles. We get the output needed for the analysis thanks to a specifically designed software. Eye tracker helps us to design new user experience and innovative interface, which are more intuitive, natural and efficient compared to commonly used methods.

Testing was carried out using professional Tobii Pro X2-60 eye tracker .

If you want to learn more about our UX testing, do not hesitate to contact us.