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We know your situation and know what you need: support SEO, landing pages, content marketing and paid marketing bring your customers to purchase (good navigation, search, facet, optimized basket, cross-sell, widgets ... ) and returned to the customer (support for email marketing, advanced analytics, support efficient processes for quality customer support).   Our e-commerces are regularly measured in competitions and are leaders on market.

It is amazing that in Buxus is large and complex portfolio of products in e-shop, including price list and interactive calculators can be designed to be edited completely without programmer intervention. Well it combines with a logical tree structure and unlimited possibilities settings page types and properties. When we know these properties Buxus the title of paving, it convinced us that it is the right BUXUS efficient and convenient platform for our clients and for us

Radovan Benkovský, E-GO - official BUXUS partner
In the portfolio we have thousands of products - especially watches. To the customer this point in creating a dynamic category, each product line has its own set of filters, have their own help and extra e-shop operation in a number of countries on separate domains. Nevertheless, whenever you come up with a new complex function in ui42 us prepare it so that we all can in themselves Buxus edit.  
Juraj Bednár, Hodinky.sk

Brloh.sk changed significantly during the period of the Buxus growth. In the early years, we outsource the complete development ui42, then we most activities about news e-shop realized in our own storage system for which it was connected and synchronized Buxus is. After all the time BUXUS able to precisely adapt to our needs, so we never regretted that we chose BUXUS instead of open-source system or develop their own e-commerce platform. After the acquisition Burrow strategic partner JRC Burrow we finally migrated to a system that JRC used on all their projects and transfer of large e-shop with a huge traffic ran completely to our satisfaction, as well as several years plus current cooperation with ui42 and Buxus.

Miroslav Lakatoš, cofounder of Brloh.sk