Experienced management of ui42

The management of our company is in the hands of 3 experienced experts from the e-commerce area - Pavol Adamčák, director of ui42 digital, and two original founders of "uičko" Martin Krupa and Róbert Mráz. Those under their e-wings successfully lead teams of web development professionals, CMS, UX and online marketers.

Andrej Kajan

CEO ui42

He has been working with online marketing since 2007. Since then he went through multiple managerial positions e.g. at Dell, T-Mobile and later in Slovak Telekom. His last station was at Kremsa.

Róbert Mráz

Shareholder and board member ui42

focuses on the technological aspects of website development and operations, CMS Buxus and the development of e-commerce. More info

Martin Krupa

Shareholder and board member ui42

Internet and the Web has been professionally involved since 1996. He is particularly interested in the area of user experience (UX). More info

Pavol Adamčák

Director of Online Marketing

His domain is the performance of online marketing including strategy for growth and export e-commerce.

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