AdWords PPC Advertising on Google

Google AdWords ads with which you pay only for the actual visit to your site, offers fast and effective reach of potential customers.

AdWords PPC Advertising

The vast majority of Slovaks shoppers on the Internet using the Google search engine. If your site does not appear in the first positions of the results Google for keywords describing your products or services, the chances of getting the customer are slim. The immediate solution is PPC advertising Google AdWords!   Start gaining new customers today. To start an advertising campaign you will receive a bonus € 120. Advertising campaigns deliver positive results only in the hands of experienced professionals. Our Google Certified Partner status proves that the success of your PPC campaigns take care of real experts. The condition for obtaining it have been successful managing knowledge test reinvestment minimum budget and the promise of transparent cooperation with clients. If you would like to reach a greater extent the Czech internet users, we recommend using PPC system Sklik portal or contextual advertising Etarget.  

AdWords remarketing on the Google Display Network

Imagine that you know your ad to reach a specific group of people that you know   - that part of your booths visited - what you offer them interested - what you ultimately bought - respectively, the interest you still have not purchased   Each of these groups of people should be extra content ads uniquely adapt.     All this offers the remarketing   Google Display Network AdWords!  

How remarketing works?

Visitors to your site initially marked by the code embedded on your site (different codes for different sections of your site). On this basis, we identify different users, which can reach thematically targeted advertising in   the entire Google Network. For example, all users who last month visited your website but not purchased, you can point out that now when buying receive an attractive gift. Customers who viewed the product in a particular category, you can highlight a special offer precisely this category. Customers who bought goods from one category, you can later reach Meeting related products or accessories.  

For what purposes is suitable remarketing

1. Remarketing is ideal for campaigns to sell (commerce) Make undecided customers to purchase. If you already bought, offer them related products or repeat purchase.  

2. Remarketing appeals to the loyalty of existing zákazníkovRemarketing can be used to strengthen the relationship with your customers. Tell them about current discounts and promotions. When launching a new product on the market can be all users who are in the first phase visited your website address in the next stage with a particular sales offer.  

3. Remarketing increases the conversion rate of the existing návštevnostiVašu site from various sources (Google, referring pages ...) attends many people who do not find what you were looking for, and who no longer have our website vrátit.Remarketing they can reach by advertising content you seek and bring right where I find it.  

4. Remarketing reaches out effective new zákazníkovRemarketingové lists can also be used, if the goal of your campaign to bring the web of new customers. In this case, we will use your remarketing lists of visitors to your site to display your ad only to those users who have not visited you.    

How to start remarketing?

Remarketing campaign is basically AdWords campaign targeting the Google Display Network. Thus, if you already use Google AdWords advertising, just when your site deployed the necessary codes to indicate the target audience. In this case, we will use your remarketing lists of visitors to your site to display your ad only to those users who have not visited you.

7 Reasons to opt for Google AdWords Advertising

An AdWords ad on the first positions in Google results means that if you have something to offer to your customers, they will know about you and visit your site.

Top positions in high competition can cost up to 50 cents / click. By professionally optimizing AdWords advertising, we can guarantee that you can pay 50% less than your competitor for the same position.

PPC (Pay per click) Advertising ensures you pay only for a real visit to your site. All views of text or banner links are completely free.

By carefully selecting the keywords for which your links are displayed, we will provide you with the best conversion of visitors to your customers.

PPC AdWords advertising can be effectively measured and optimized to bring you more and more customers. For example, if one ad link brings more customers than others, the AdWords ad slot will automatically show the most successful ad link.

AdWords Internet advertising is highly flexible. If your special offer, discount, or promotion changes, we can instantly customize your ad to reflect your current offer.

Evaluating the results of your AdWords ads is in direct connection with your advertising goals and costs. If you have a standard purchase, order, reservation, registration, or contact, you will learn how many purchases, orders, and so on in our AdWords Ad Ranking. She stood.

Start getting new customers today. start the ad campaign, we will add you a bonus of 120 €