Advertise on Youtube

YouTube Video Platform is unique and at the same time the second largest search engine in the world that month hit 73% of Slovaks aged 15-54 years. Since May 2013 may   AdWords advertisers   to target their ads on YouTube already on Slovak users.


TrueView is the most popular   YouTube advertising formats. With TrueView format, you pay only if one ad completes even, not when you click "Skip".   Price per play ads can be at a suitable target from our experience only 2 cents.   Another advantage is the ability to click through the video on your website, where the audience can become customers (click is the price plays of the ad).            

Why advertising on Youtube?

YouTube is often referred to as a new TV, where you have to reach active and engaged audience ready to learn more about your brand, you can place ads with diverse content and reach potential customers on all platforms (laptops, tablets, mobile devices). Campaign on YouTube increased interest in the brand by 36%. Moreover, the Video calls are interested in the brand and through remarketing, you can turn viewers into customers. Free YouTube Analytics lets you track the effectiveness of campaigns.        

How to use advertising on Youtube?

YouTube campaigns can help you achieve a wide range of targets, most effective, however, if you place a new product on the market if you want to build brand awareness, if you are interested in an active dialogue with users and communicate the story of your brand or company.        

YouTube TrueView

TrueView in-stream video ads allow you to reach users while watching videos on YouTube. They take the form of classic TV commercials and are played before or during another video on YouTube. Users after 5 seconds of viewing ads offered the option to skip it, 20-60% of users who do not jump you to play it to the end. AdWords advertisers only pay for the ad-view, in which the user decided to skipping commercials advertising and for longer than 30 seconds, the advertiser pays when a user exceeds while viewing an ad that threshold.     TrueView in-search ads appear above or to the right of the search results on YouTube. Their advantage is that they view applies to certain keywords videos that a user loses or lost in the past and are therefore highly relevant to those that appears. The advertiser pays only when the user chooses to watch the ad.   TrueView in-display ads appear on the right sidebar of the video user just follows the proposals or on websites Google Display Network, which correspond to the target group. Advertisers pay for advertising only when the user chooses to watch the ad.