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Eye tracking

There we have a professional eye tracker brand. Tobii. Its advantage is that the participant in testing is not "bothered" glasses, which he constantly reminded that the right to participate in testing. How do fungujeHardware eye tracker detects high frequency of eye movement participant and the result is displayed on the screen as colored circles to denote places where the participant looks. Special software allows the collected data to export different types of output, depending on what needs analysis. We can get out of it, for example, compare the behavior of several participants on one page analysis of each participant individually, heatmaps, video recorders participant perspective and various other tweaks. Of course participant can view the monitor "live" right when tested on a shared screen. What is good trackerTestovanie Eye to eye tracker helps us even better and deeper understanding of user behavior. We'll get out of it accurate and detailed information about which sites and how long the participant watched which elements attract his attention, and how to make the site visually oriented. More blog