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UX design

Classic design makes sure to keep things nice. UX design makes things nice, but at the same time useful. And just this is the greatest benefit of our design work. We think not only about whether the page is in modern colors or whether it meets the expectations of the client. We are dealing with and whether they have the elements on the page makes sense and whether they are necessary. We ask why the individual page elements placed just to the point. and the highlight and how. We think about what really needs given personnel (specific group of visitors to the site of the target group). Our design solutions are advanced. But some of our work may seem visually nazaujímavé. It has its reason - UX design meets the needs, expectations and habits of the actual customer. For example, plumbers around the age of 50-60 years are better able to navigate and buy the title. that many will come fashioned and out of date, and then the modern design only for damage. Therefore, we try to bring site visitors or buyers also comfortable to come away satisfied and happy to be coming back. All our work is supported by extensive and invaluable experience from numerous user testing, we can honestly "odsedeli". Very few people in Slovakia can boast just such knowledge.