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Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service that helps you to find out how visitors use your site. 

By tracking visitors behavior our clients getting valuable information on how to improve their web applications and e-commerces

Google Analytics is suitable for all sites, regardless of their technical solution. 

Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics

  • By using Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics, you have more options to analyze the performance of your store. The central concept in this analysis is the product - its popularity, position on the web, the rate of addition to the cart, the rate of removal of the cart, etc.
  • The introduction of enhanced ecommerce to your shop allows you to analyze visitor paths through your site and discover what are their actions which results in the most common conversions. It will helps you determine which product categories are most important in terms of conversions.
  • Additionally, you can use the data collected to improve your marketing campaigns. All collected data can be used to create remarketing audiences for more precise targeted marketing campaigns.

Product Performance

The Product Performance Report lets you identify the performance of your product portfolio. Depending on the size of your webstore, you can focus on tracking individual products, product categories and product brands. Using the collected data, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • Which products / product categories convert the most?
  • Which products are most often taken out from the shopping basket?
  • Which products are oftenly inserted into the basket, but few people actually buy them?
  • What brands are most sold through marketing campaigns? 
  • In addition, data can be imported into Universal Analytics, such as profitability, product colors, etc.

Product data sheet performance

Monitoring performance product list allows you to check the performance of individual components of your website (PDS). Under these parts we understand, for example, recommended / related products, selling / most viewed products page of internal search, stock products, etc. The possibilities are limitless and it's up to you which product lists to follow. Comparison of the various parts of the website allows you to find the most optimal place for products you want to graduate or sell. Analysis of the data will tell you not only which places on the website most contribute to sales of products, but also on which position is best to place the product you want to sell as quickly as possible. Alerts you also, for example, of whether it makes sense to have a website section for related and the recommended products at the same time.

marketing Reports

Marketing reports section lets you track the success of your marketing as a promotional banners on the website, discount coupons or affiliate codes. You can measure the number of impressions, clicks, preklikovosti rate (CTR) and the position / rank banner. The reports will then allow you to get answers to questions like: Which banner has the highest rate preklikovosti? How does location / design image for Peace preklikovosti? That discount coupons are used the most? Coupons that bring most accept? That affiliate partner is most effective for me?

Remarketing - draft audiences

The data collected with the help of enhanced e-commerce can be used to create different segments of users based on: shopping behavior, leaving the cart before the purchased product / product categories These segments can then be used to create remarketing audiences, such as: remarketing inventory in stock visitors who previously bought similar products; Remarketing frequently searched products with low buy-to-detail rate by sending discount coupons to visitors who put the products to the cart, but the purchase did not do; targeting current promotions for visitors who meet the required criteria (eg. already bought a similar / complementary product). The big advantage is the possibility to combine the implementation of enhanced ecommerce setup dynamic remarketing directly through Universal Analytics.

Related Products

Google / Universal Analytics is able to create a list of related products based on what people buy. Make a list of such products could be created, it must achieve a minimum number of transactions. 30 days after enable this feature via the Core Reporting API you can generate a list of related products. These can then be used to streamline the recommended products on your website, or to improve your email campaigns.


Open-source measurement is also suitable for internet banking, for example, and all projects for which you must have analytical data on your servers.

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