Artificial Intelligence

We have developed the first Slovak product recommender that uses deep neural networks. Today, our AI recommendation system is used by dozens of clients and facilitates thousands of purchases monthly across various segments and CMS systems.

Why are personalized recommendation systems using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide products or services most relevant for the individual needs and interests of users today? 

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Artificial Intelligence

Where can you recommend using it?

Basket - increase of 21%

The shopping cart is an ideal place to recommend complementary products that your customers may be interested in, or may even need for the product they first added to their cart.

This type uses a different data model, as it involves upselling, where customers behave differently and different rules apply when recommending additional products. With our clients, effective prediction in the shopping cart can increase the number of complementary products by up to 21%.

Product Detail - increase of 25%

The product detail is a page where customers spend the most time and at the same time often has the highest bounce rate. And yet, by using AI to offer the customer a different alternative product they might be interested in, in case there is something they dislike about the original one.

Recommender with personalized recommendations can increase the click-through rate to the next product (CTR) by up to 25%. 

Popup window - increase of 16%

Using a popup (or modal) window, we can offer the customer a suitable cross-sell. Since it is the most invasive form of marketing, recommendations must be approached responsibly and in such a way that you do not overwhelm the customer with various windows and ultimately make them dislike the e-shop.

With the right strategy, we have increased the conversion rate in modal windows by more than 16% for our clients.

It pays off to be different!

These days, you can find a few tools in the market designed to recommend products and predict customers’ interests. Most of them are based on rules, algorithms and scenarios written by humans - but scenarios like these can’t react to change. They can’t comprehend change in taste, needs, customers’ behaviour development or newly added products.

The solution seems to be artificial intelligence, which does not need any human input but can teach itself and learn on its own. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Why use AI and recommender in business?

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for product recommendations brings numerous advantages and opportunities that can strengthen your business and increase its success.

  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Customer Behavior Prediction

Everything you should know about the recommender

Who is it suitable for?

It is suitable for any e-commerce site that is looking for an efficient tool for product recommendations, upsell/cross-sell. It is most ideal for e-shops with a large number of products and data, where AI learns the fastest.

It doesn't matter the segment in which you operate. Recommender can reliably calculate predictions regardless of the type of goods or services you sell.

How can it personalize?

It operates on the principles of artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. Based on the segment and types of goods you sell, the placement of the recommender on the page (product detail, category, cart,...) and targets, we can select an appropriate model that will be used to choose products. 

What are its biggest advantages?

It is a self-learning tool for product recommendation, effective upsell & cross-sell. It saves human potential, quickly adapts to changing customer criteria, seasonality, listing of new product portfolios, and any life changes. 

Are you ready to utilize AI and scale your business efficiently?

The recommender using artificial intelligence from ui42 has been proving its indispensable contribution to e-shops in all segments in A/B tests for a long time. Try the recommender on your e-shop for 1 month for free.

Artificial Intelligence in Practice

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