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Who we are?

Vision and daily practices in ui42 Digital is a full-service performance marketing and pay for the result - we in short call affiliate marketing. We follow the motto "dream big" and our competencies range from setting a comprehensive marketing strategy to   wringing out maximum power of marketing tools and investment in the site, PPC campaigns, comparative, remarketing, SEO   optimization and content marketing. This wealth of experience we offer our partners for several years, to help them zdominovať its segments and cross the borders of Slovakia.

Meet the digital team

Our team consists of experts in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO and e-commerce marketing and can create effective synergies between the various online channels and   link them with business marketing strategy. The point lies in combining them into one efficient unit. Due to the merger of these channels we hit the audience with a range approaching 100%.  

Results of our work


Your success is our goal

We are building an ecosystem with know-how, which are essential to any company that wants to make money on the internet. We try to get our clients more customers and improve their overall Bisnis results, by the implementation of projects focusing primarily on achieving the highest profitability of the client.