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At ui42, we design and create AI solutions tailored to your business needs. Don't miss the opportunity to become a leader in your field with artificial intelligence.

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Export your ecommerce to CEE.

How To Scale Your Business in CEE region We can help you develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to the CEE market. We can also help you with SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

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    Ecommerce Projects 

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  • What form of artificial intelligence can you use?

    AI Marketing

    AI Marketing

    Utilize artificial intelligence for more effective marketing and thus improve the quality and relevance of your content, which will enhance the overall experience of visitors and support the growth of your business.

    Automated Recommendations

    Automated Recommendations

    Efficient up-selling and cross-selling of products on your e-shop thanks to product recommendations that your customers are interested in.

    Chatbot ChatGPT

    Chatbot ChatGPT

    A chatbot doesn't have to be just a simple tree structure. We'll teach ChatGPT everything about your business.

    Chat GPT and CMS

    Chat GPT and CMS

    Connect your content management system with ChatGPT and expand with faster translations and customized content creation.

    Custom AI

    Custom AI

    Do you want to apply artificial intelligence to your internal processes, but don't know how to do it? Contact us and together we will find the best possible solution, which we will also develop for you directly at ui42.

    Artificial Intelligence in Practice

    Artificial intelligence has changed the way we live and continues to revolutionize multiple industries.

    Why use AI in business?

    Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in online business offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities that can strengthen your business and enhance its success.

    • Personalization
    • Automation
    • Increased Productivity
    • Improved Process Efficiency
    • Customer Behavior Prediction

    Who is it designed for?

    Websites with content



    State enterprises

    How can you imagine an AI-based recommendation tool? Utilize automated product recommendations and stay ahead of the competition with innovations. Discover why automated recommendations should not be missing on your website.

    Martin Krupa: What does an artificial intelligence-based recommendation tool look like in practice
    The text provided is an HTML iframe element used to embed a YouTube video player into a webpage. The text itself is not in Slovak or any language; it's HTML code with parameters and a URL. The translation of the attributes like "title" would be the same in English. Therefore, the text remains unchanged:

    Recommendation system by ui42

    Forget endless browsing through offers! Discover our new recommendation system that will make shopping easier, faster and more enjoyable for your customers. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, we will recommend products to your customers so that they spend less time searching and more time enjoying their purchase. Be surprised by tips on products you didn't even know you needed!

    AI makes shopping easier

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    recommendations per month

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    Are you ready to utilize AI and transform your business? At ui42, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions based on artificial intelligence tailored to your specific needs, which enable you to automate tasks, optimize processes, and gain a competitive edge.

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