Artificial intelligence for e-shops

Increase your online shop’s performance with automated recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence for e-shops

Akú formu umelej inteligencie môžete využívať?

Automatizované odporúčania

Automatizované odporúčania

Is based on principles of artificial intelligence and neural networks

Chatbot ChatGPT

Chatbot ChatGPT

Is a self-learning tool for product recommendation, effective up-sell & cross-sell

Chat GPT a CMS

Chat GPT a CMS

For every online shop that needs an effective tool for product recommendation

How does Recommendations by ui42 work?

Využitie umelej inteligencie (AI) v online podnikaní prináša množstvo výhod a príležitostí, ktoré môžu posilniť váš biznis a zvýšiť jeho úspešnosť.

  • At the beginning, Recommendations collect anonymous data about products, users and their behaviour
  • The next step is training with testing data and evaluating predictions
  • Eventually, Recommendations is implemented into an online shop and further tested using AB Tests

Who is Recommendation by ui42 designed for?

Websites with content



State enterprises

Ako zefektívňujeme e-shopy vďaka automatizovaným odporúčaniam?

Did you know that by recommending the right products, you can reach a 20-40% increase in your revenue?

How can you imagine an AI-based recommendation tool? Utilize automated product recommendations and stay ahead of the competition with innovations. Discover why automated recommendations should not be missing on your website.

Martin Krupa: Ako vyzerá odporúčací nástroj na báze umelej inteligencie v praxi

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