Artificial intelligence for e-shops

Increase your online shop’s performance with automated recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

Is a self-learning tool for product recommendation, effective up-sell & cross-sell

Is based on principles of artificial intelligence and neural networks

For every online shop that needs an effective tool for product recommendation

How does Recommendations by ui42 work?

  • At the beginning, Recommendations collect anonymous data about products, users and their behaviour
  • The next step is training with testing data and evaluating predictions
  • Eventually, Recommendations is implemented into an online shop and further tested using AB Tests

Why is Recommendations by ui42 the right tool for your website?

Increases CTR – Click Through Rate 3-5 times compared to the original solution

Increases revenue in cart by 4,5 % per visit

Increases time spent on website by 100% (minutes) on average

Increases the number of activities per visit

Increases revenue in the products detail by 25% a visit

It pays off to be different!

These days, you can find a few tools in the market designed to recommend products and predict customers’ interests. Most of them are based on rules, algorithms and scenarios written by humans - but scenarios like these can’t react to change. They can’t comprehend change in taste, needs, customers’ behaviour development or newly added products.

The solution seems to be artificial intelligence, which does not need any human input but can teach itself and learn on its own. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Did you know that by recommending the right products, you can reach a 20-40% increase in your revenue?

Who is Recommendation by ui42 designed for?

Websites with content that makes product pairing using attributes difficult

Online shops with a large amount of orders (data) which need a functional cross-sell or up-sell tool

Online shops with a large amount of products

Small and medium-sized online shops with a potential for performance growth

Our satisfied customers


  1. Yes, using artificial intelligence by ui42 is not tied to using a particular CMS but its implementation into CMS BUXUS is particularly seamless.
  1. The monthly price for the license depends on the size of your online shop and number of requests. You get the first testing month free and are free to cancel anytime afterwards.
  1. This differs for every online shop and depends on its infrastructure, CMS and its technological possibilities and limitations. It might take from 2 to 14 working days to fully implement it. 
  1. No, tool calculates its predictions on its own fast server. This means that it does not slow down the response time or affect the website in any negative way - just the opposite, it brings many benefits such as an increase in number of displayed pages, prolonged interactions with the online shop, increase of an average order value or number of orders per customer. 
  1. It is a safe tool, which uses only anonymous data. It does not use any cookies and uses encrypted communication between the server and your online shop.
  2. We use only quality and secure servers and are prepared for occasional interruptions between ui42 tool and online shops, which would not affect the online shop’s operation. 
  3. Artificial intelligence by ui42 doesn’t increase or create any risks which would be connected to its implementation.
  1. Our AI technology has been achieving amazing results. You get a month-long free trial period and if you decide to discontinue our cooperation after any time, you can do it for free by sending us a written request.

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