Enter a world without limitations and create a digital world where all abilities are equal, because accessibility is not just a trend, but a necessity in the modern world.

Websites, applications, and products should be designed so that they can be used without problems by all types of users, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disabilities.

Accessibility or the accessibility of a website means that the website can be perceived, understood, operated, and interacted with even by people disadvantaged by their disability. Due to their disability they might not see its content or may not be able to perform common actions using a mouse. Similar barriers, although to a lesser extent (such as poor vision, shaky hands), also have to be overcome by older people, who moreover are not as proficient in using the internet and modern technologies. These users form a significant group that also wants to browse various websites, acquire new information, or shop online. Read about why and how to enable them to access and navigate the site without problems. 

  • Perceptibility: Websites, applications, and products should be easily visible and readable. This means that they should have sufficient contrast between text and background, large and clear text, and support the use of screen readers.
  • Usability: Websites, applications, and products should be easily operable. This means that they should have clear and concise instructions, support the use of the keyboard, and provide alternatives to functions that require a mouse.
  • Understandability: Websites, applications, and products should be easily understandable. This means that they should use simple language and clear structures.

ui42 is a one-stop shop agency, which means we provide comprehensive solutions that will help you succeed with your project in the online world. At ui42, you can find everything you need under one roof, from custom web development and e-commerce solutions, to user experience, online marketing, and digital products created by ui42 for the success of your online business.

A digital product and service are accessible when people with disabilities or impairments can perceive, understand, operate, and contribute to the product without restrictions. Accessible digital products and services should simplify the lives of nearly 90 million people in the EU who have some form of impairment. 

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