AI's recommendation magic: consistently impressive outcomes.

AI by ui42 AI's recommendation magic: consistently impressive outcomes.

You constantly puzzle over how to increase the efficiency and performance of your e-shop, as well as customer loyalty. Personalize the recommended products for each visitor using artificial intelligence based on their preferences and purchasing behavior, and turn them into satisfied customers. With automated recommendations from ui42, you will offer them exactly what they are looking for.

At ui42, we constantly strive to progress and help our clients streamline their online business. Since 2020, we have been dedicated to artificial intelligence, and the recent ABC test with other solutions further confirmed the success of ui42's automated recommendations compared to global players, affirming the significance and benefits of AI.

Task and collaboration objectives

The goal of the collaboration was to confirm the assumption that artificial intelligence-based recommendations are a more effective solution than the traditional form of recommendations (manual settings based on certain rules). To confirm or refute the expectations, we conducted an AB test for the first hypothesis.

In addition, we tested the recommendation system developed by ui42 against two competing products to compare which solution is more beneficial in terms of website visitors and tracked conversions. For the comparison of the competing solutions - Artificial Intelligence by ui42, Bloomreach (Exponea), and Luigi's Box - we conducted an ABC test.

Cooperation Goals

  • Decision to Launch the ABC Test ?
  • An independent arbiter was a member of the ABC testing project. ?
  • Technical and administrative preparation of the testing. ?
  • Verification of settings before testing. ?
  • Launch of the ABC test within a three-week period. ?
  • Launch of the AB test in the same time period. ?
  • Evaluation of the results of the AB/ABC testing.

Results of collaboration and numbers

In the case of an AB test and an ABC test, the main metric monitored was revenue per visit at two different locations - on the product page (recommendations with detailed product information) and in the shopping cart (upsell recommendations at the end of the purchase process).

First finding: The AB test unequivocally confirmed the benefits of the ui42 recommendation system.

We conducted an A/B test on the domain, comparing traditional generic recommendations to an artificial intelligence-based recommendation system from ui42.

+ 4,2 %

+ 4,2 %

Revenue/visit increase in the case of recommendations from ui42.

+ 4,9 %

+ 4,9 %

Increase in revenue/visit in case of recommendations from ui42.

Second finding: The outcome of ui42 recommendations is equally good as that of competing tools.

We conducted the ABC test on the domain, where we compared three competing recommendation systems - Artificial Intelligence by ui42, Bloomreach (Exponea), and Luigi's Box.

The results of all three solutions were comparable without a statistically significant deviation.

This perspective deals with the overall value of a purchase, which statistically falls within the audience of a given recommendation system. (Total revenue of the audience divided by the number of visits by that audience).

The second perspective represents the increase in revenue/number of visits from a specific audience directly mediated by the recommendation system.

We confirm the relevance of automated recommendations.

The results of AB testing have highlighted the recommendation tool from ui42 as a solution that generates more conversions and brings higher revenue per visit compared to traditional manually set recommendations. From the comparison of ABC testing results, it is clear that ui42's automated recommendations are technologically as successful as well-known global solutions.

An additional advantage of ui42's automated recommendations is that they provide an individual approach and UX expertise, are affordable even for small and medium e-shops, have easy implementation, offer variable placement options on the website, and last but not least, you can have them for free for the first month (during the so-called buy and try period).

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