Case study

Case study

2019 - 2020

The online shop at focuses primarily on sales of brand cycling clothing (tops, tights, jackets, accessories and much more) and includes a vast variety of popular cycling brands (e.g. Castelli, Santini, Monton, Alé, Bianchi, Biotex etc.).

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Its operation covers Slovakia and five other countries - Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. The company teamed up with a brand called (which is also on CMS BUXUS powered by ui42), and they have immediately become a celebrity in the world of high-quality cycling clothes - whether you’re ready to invest or buy something at more reasonable price.

Why we began to cooperate

Why we began to cooperate

It was important to find a partner who would be able to bring these two brands with their respective websites together under one roof and ensure flawless operation in several markets with marketing (SEO), development and UX services.

What is the goal

What is the goal

The diversification of business and launch of new websites for the new Holokolo brand. Focus on a new target group to achieve incremental revenue from sales of cycling clothing and accessories.

Support the cooperation, set up processes and budgets, kick start marketing, set up performance marketing, CoS goals, create new high quality custom made websites, focus on the information architecture quality, create tailor-made UX and graphic design.

2020 - grow more markets. The expected increase of YOY profits by 100% at set CoS (cyklodresy + holokolo). Continual websites development.

 Perks of the ui42 and <a href="" target="_blank">ui42 digital</a> partnership

Perks of the ui42 and ui42 digital partnership

  • Business guidance and development
  • Google campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Performance marketing
  • Comparators
  • SEO development
  • Web hosting
  • Development of tailor-made websites, continual development works
  • UX audit, design, UX testing
  • Informational architecture, Skice (wireframe)
  • Web Analytics (GA)
  • Development of client and inovations
Key dates

Key dates

April 2019
parnership begins - launch of new brands and websites on BUXUS CMS:
April 2019
online marketing - Google, social networks, other
January 2020
moving Romanian, Slovak and Hungarian versions of "cyklodresy" under new Holokolo brand and onto BUXUS platform

Results of the cooperation and chosen criteria: Results of the cooperation and chosen criteria:

6 markets

6 language variations

2 brands

cyklodresy + holokolo

9 websites

- holokolo - SVK, CZ, PL, SLO, ROM, HUN
- cyklodresy - SVK, CZ, PL

home (Slovak) online shop created on 04/2019

04/2020 Y2Y revenues +


Additional revenues
in 04/2020


foreign online shop created in 04/2019

04/2020 Y2Y revenues +


Additional revenues
in 04/2020


foreign e-shop that we moved (01/2020) to CMS BUXUS and rebranded from cyklodresy at the same time - 04/2020 Y2Y





The average website loading time

3,35s (-22,6%)

The average server response time

0,50s (-39,5%)

As Holokolo was created as a response to successful business growth and requirements for diversity, we were looking for a partner with the ability to support multiple eshops with only one back-end. Ui42 proved to be the right choice. Cooperation with ui42 allows us to utilise all the perks of this synergy where we can implement different solutions to individual eshops while keeping only one platform - all with their top professional and pro-client approach.

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