New online look: Rocking the digital world.

Styx Case Study New online look: Rocking the digital world.

Key cooperation milestones

Creating a technical specification

To begin with, we created a technical specification that allowed us to precisely define with the client what should be included in the new website. After fine-tuning and approval, we proceeded with the design.

New web design

Based on the technical specification, we designed a new visual for the website - web design that embodies the attributes of a modern website, with a focus on providing a positive user experience. Due to their trust in our extensive UX expertise, the client entrusted us with the full design process.

Website development and programming

We implemented the new web design into the BUXUS CMS, where we made specific modifications to accommodate the technical specification and the functionalities of the new e-commerce platform.

Integration with ERP system

Thanks to the flexible CMS, we integrated the new website with the Asseco SPIN ERP system. The goal was to consolidate all company processes within a single system.

Timeline coordination and finalization

The biggest challenge throughout the collaboration was achieving a fully functional e-commerce platform before the main season - spring 2023. The coordination of processes and timelines with subcontractors and stakeholders proved to be demanding.

Although the original launch date was extended due to delayed materials and ongoing development of the ERP system, STYX eventually entered the new season with a fully prepared e-shop, ready to handle hundreds of daily orders. Additionally, we implemented AI-based automated recommendations on the website for more effective up-selling and cross-selling of products.

The results of cooperation

Despite initial delays in the implementation start, we managed to provide the client with a new fast and user-friendly website connected to the ERP system. After fine-tuning the B2B section, the version for the Czech market will be launched, followed by further collaboration where we can offer the client comprehensive one-stop-shop agency services and optimize the interplay between various online marketing services. We are pleased that our cooperation with STYX has been successful both professionally and on a personal level, thanks to shared interests and the technical expertise of the project managers on both sides.

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