Two Countries, Two Languages, One CMS

Slovart Case Study Two Countries, Two Languages, One CMS

Slovak book publishing house active since 1991

Our cooperation started in 1997 when Slovart was considering selling books online and needed to find a reliable partner who could help him to make this project reality in the very early days of the internet. And so the first online shop was created selling English professional computer literature.

Solutions and strategies

Despite the fact these two online shops represent two respective companies with independent accounting systems, thanks to the flexibility of our CMS BUXUS, we managed to unite them under the same administration.

Firstly, we developed the classic online shop for the end-user - B2C solution. After the Slovak version was successfully launched, we designed another B2C solution, this time for the Czech market. Enthusiasm for growth was truly stimulating and we launched the first B2B portal for bookshops, libraries and schools in Slovakia in 2015 and B2B portal in the Czech market in 2018. Nowadays, these two websites coexist as two B2C and B2B online shops in two countries as independent entities. Everything is run by CMS BUXUS.


The increase in the number of B2C and B2B orders after launching an e-shop operating online with a inventory management system.


Changes in daily processed products


Maximum number of product items in 1 order

Slovart homepage

Together with the online system, we have delivered innovative functions

  • UX/UI Design
  • Fronte-end programming (HTML/CSS
  • Back-end programming (CMS BUXUS)
  • Connection to ERP Magic (Slovak part)
  • Connection to ERP Winshop (Czech part)
  • Web analytics (GA)
  • Real Time communication with ERP Magic ?
  • Complete product pricing ?
  • Order automation ?
  • Registration and processing of information ?
  • Mass order ?
  • Role “sales representative” ?
  • Possibility to pre-order ?
  • Preliminary product reservations ?
  • Slovart - Reading club ?

Throughout our long-lasting cooperation with our client Slovart, we progressively introduced combined B2B and B2C solutions in two separate markets. We set up processes, defined the method of connection with ERP, and programmed a concept. We gradually deployed and verified its basic functionality with customers in practice and slowly added new functionalities according to feedback from customers and traders' needs. Today, it's an impressive, dynamic system that fully adapts to both Slovart's customers' and employees' needs.

Slovart ukážky webu

How did you like the collaboration?

Our long-term cooperation gained momentum in 2014 when we decided that the sale and distribution of our books in Slovakia would exclusively be made through our website. We requested a visual redesign and the implementation of a real-time B2C and B2B order system - in an online connection with our store system. Step by step, we got to where we are today, and we take the trouble-free operation of our e-shop for granted.

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