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Part-time Office Manager / receptionist

  • Job
    • Stáž
  • Place of work
    • Bratislava, Haydnova ul.
  • Salary
    • 5 EUR/h

You are a sunny creature and would you be delighted to belong to an excellent group of people at ui42? Do you live near Horský park? Do you want to create a pleasant working environment and would you also enjoy professionally welcoming clients to meetings? If you have organizational talent on top of all that, you will soon be irreplaceable for us.

For the role of receptionist / office manager, we need someone who:

  • is a student and looking for a part-time job in a great team (mainly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
  • welcomes all visitors with a smile, makes coffee for them
  • ensures that the premises are cozy, stylish, and regularly maintained
  • shops online for everything needed (coffee, fruit, snacks for clients, and occasionally new curtains..)
  • keeps track of hardware, orders if someone needs something new
  • handles mail, receives packages from couriers
  • helps with other administrative tasks
  • organizes a quarterly meeting for the whole team, soon another legendary company weekend, sports activities, barbecues, breakfasts...
  • checks the work of the cleaning company and negotiates improvements if needed
  • takes care of the kitchen as if it were their own
  • reminds that birthdays and holidays need to be celebrated

What benefits would a job at ui42 offer you?

At ui42, it's good mainly because of the people, the values we share, but we can also ensure that our work is pleasant materially: we have a cozy work environment, good coffee, fruit, and regularly breakfast for everyone.

We also offer a Multisport card and will be happy if you join the common sports activities, or persuade us to try your favorite one.

Staff Benefits

Profit Share Scheme

As we value our employees and want them to receive fair rewards for their work, we decided to give them the opportunity to receive a share of our profit.

Heavenly Coffee

Some of us are knowledgeable about coffee, which allows us to drink really good coffee.

MultiSport Card

We value the balance between work and free time and therefore we are happy to provide a benefit full of sports and relaxation.

Sports Clubs

Do you enjoy cycling, running, playing badminton or poker? Then you will surely choose at least one of our sports or social clubs!

Pet Friendly

We at ui42 can’t wait to meet your puppy; however, it might not want to go back home from all the attention and tickles.

Unforgettable Team Buildings

Legendary company weekends, teambuildings, breakfasts or occasional evenings in the office.

Flexible Working

It does not matter whether you are an early bird or a night owl - the only thing that matters is that your work is done on time and meets desired requirements.

Friendly and Informal Environment

The environment at ui42 is so friendly and informal that you will feel at home long before your introductory week is over!

Work Equipment

We want you to have a good time working here, which is why we will adjust the standard workplace equipment to your needs.

Education and conferences

If you are interested in further training or education and there is an exciting conference or workshop in sight, feel free to participate. We will always support you!

Vicinity to Horsky Park

Our location means that whenever you feel like getting some fresh air or having a walk among trees, Horsky Park is waiting for you mere 700 metres away!

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