Online Shop Thrives, Handling a 70% Traffic Surge with BUXUS

Ahooy Case Study Online Shop Thrives, Handling a 70% Traffic Surge with BUXUS

What is Ahooy?

Ahooy is an online shop with a rich selection of t-shirts, hoodies and bags with unique design which found its inspiration in the unique story of two brothers - Jan and Marian Gonda, who shaped their business vision on the hoof/as they were going along. Instead of cushions with prints (which was their original idea), these brothers from Orava decided to manufacture t-shirts and hoodies with imaginative and novelty designs

Breaking down physical barriers in order to dismantle the mental ones.

Their business model wasn’t the only thing that changed. The printing machine brothers needed did not fit through the doors of their first factory. In this case, “look before you leap” became “leap and look where you’ve landed”. - and Gonda’s brothers are really good at both leaping and breaking down things. Any prejudices labeling their business “just another online shop with prints” were broken down by the simple fact that Ahooy multiplied their orders from a few dozens to a few thousand in a single year. How did they do it? 

Cooperation between Ahooy and ui42

The original online shop Ahooy, based on WordPress, stopped meeting brothers’ needs and expectations after a very short time. In their search for another change, their steps lead them to ui42. Why ui42? Gonda’s needed a strong partner who would greet them with an open door, expectations of growth and ideas, not somebody who would shut the door in their faces slipping a note under the door saying “Sorry, not possible!”.  The first fruit of this cooperation was a basic online shop based on CMS BUXUS in 2019. BUXUS fixed the problem brothers had with insufficient CMS and could flexibly react to all other challenges Ahooy and ui42 decided to conquer together.

Numbers don’t lie, they go down with faster websites

During the two years since the beginning of the cooperation, Ahooy went full steam ahead. New online shop running on BUXUS was forced to react to almost 70% growth in website visits in comparison with the previous period. Despite this, we managed to decrease the average website.

- 50 %

 Average website load time

- 40 %

Average server response time

Comparisons between 2018 and 2021

Key points in progress of Ahooy’s online shop

...end of 2019

The first really interesting moment came during the top season of 2019 when the Gonda brothers had to untimely stop their campaign already on the 18 December because the demand caught up with their manufacturing possibilities. During this season, they exceeded their average yearly sales.

...autumn of 2020

Just as you would expect, the brothers started in-house optimisation in order to support and innovate their production and all related processes. This included not only new premises, technological and manufacturing tools and new employees, but also automation of e-commerce related processes. By connecting CMS BUXUS to ERP system Money S4 and Chamelleon program lead to marvelous results and tested flexibility of the CMS system.

…beginning of 2021 and new challenges

Because at some point in this period, brothers from Ahooy saw a 900% increase in the number of orders. The icing on the cake, very fresh still, was redesign of the cell phone optimised website. Under supervision of experienced web designers, in line with UX factors, new Ahooy was born. Ready for foreign markets and it’s first adventure - expansion to Czechia and Hungary.

Because at some point in this period, brothers from Ahooy saw a 900% increase in the number of orders.

Services provided by ui42

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front-end programming (HTML/CSS)
  • Back-end programming (CMS BUXUS)
  • Connection to ERP Money
  • Connection to Chamelleon system
  • Web analytics (GA)
  • Advanced technical SEO
  • Product pricing, tailor made price list
  • Automation of orders
  • Registration and transcription of information
  • Mass order

Ahooy at online conference Website Story.

Detailed statistics of Ahooy online shop

You can clearly see the progress after 2019, when the cooperation of ui42 and Ahooy started.

+ 47 %

Increase in Users

+ 66 %


Increase in users

The result of sofisticated graphic, but mainly user friendly web design (UX) are numbers Ahooy achieved on BUXUS only after a year of cooperation. Increase in visitors, who completed a transaction on the website: 54,78 %

Average Page Load Time

The icing on the cake is the indicator which points towards sunlit uplands for Ahooy online shop in upcoming seasons of 2021.  In the second half-year, we can tell that thanks to the new dedicated server, from one day to another, average page load time was decreased under 3 seconds.

Extraordinary actions ask for extraordinary solutions. That’s how “unique” happens

Unique e-commerce business plans ask for really matchless solutions.

We at ui42 are glad to be part of this successful Ahooy online shop story. The two gentlemen from Orava sometimes tend to be a little unorthodox in their methods (when they leap first and look around later) but that only makes this cooperation more challenging and closer to our hearts. 

The results? Modern and fully functional online shop with unique design pieces, poised for expansion abroad.  

What Ahooy said about our cooperation.

During the development of our e-shop, we established not only a professional, but also a personal and friendly relationship with guys from ui42. We are in regular contact and this makes it easier for us to find ways to help us move forward. The ui42 team is a partner with whom we can rely on support not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market.

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