How we merged three suppliers into one fine-tuned e-shop

Bezva vlasy Case Study How we merged three suppliers into one fine-tuned e-shop

Every e-commerce solution that stands out from the norm requires a custom solution. For unique online projects that have the potential and desire to grow, we have just the thing at ui42. Our flexible CMS BUXUS. Ideal for when the so-called box (template e-shop or website) is not enough. Thanks to more than 27 years of development, we can perfectly tailor the BUXUS editorial system to any solution so that it can handle the most demanding requirements for speed, extra performance, UX design, multilingual versions, and integration with external systems. And it is CMS BUXUS that stands behind the revamped e-shop for Bezvavlasy.

Project scope

The company Bezvavlasy a.s. approached us with the goal of finding a reliable partner for the entire transformation of the e-shop and associated external systems. The project involved a change in the ERP system, inventory management, and comprehensive technical background, but the previous boxed e-shop kept encountering constant limitations. The client was looking for a custom solution that could easily serve customers in both B2B and B2C zones, respond to connections with external systems, and at the same time meet the requirements for a modern and user-friendly e-shop.

Main areas of cooperation

HTML / CSS of the supplied graphics

  • end-to-end testing

Key milestones of cooperation

Launching the Slovak and Hungarian versions of the online shop

In May 2023, we started our cooperation with the first step – creating e-shops within Slovakia and Hungary. Bezvavlasy approached us with an already finished graphic design, which we programmed within our own CMS BUXUS. The launch of both versions took place in November, before the climax of the last quarter in the form of Black Friday and the Christmas shopping frenzy.

We ironed out the bugs through end-to-end testing 

To capture all possible scenarios of the shopping process, we subjected the new e-shop to a full day of end-to-end testing with the participation of the client. Thanks to this, we went through various purchase scenarios (selection of different types of delivery, payment, their combinations, etc.) and identified potential pitfalls where problems could occur – from ordering to warehousing.

We launched the Czech version at 

After the successful deployment of the Slovak and Hungarian versions, the client entrusted us in January 2023 with his core focus – the e-shop for the Czech Republic. The specialty of the entire solution is a separate B2B zone for hair salons, salons, and barbershops with pricing at different levels. In addition, customer accounts in the partner B2B zone are based on dynamic ranking, which needed to be translated into special prices for each item. A major challenge of the whole project was the exclamation point named SEO, as our goal was to maintain the project in the achieved organic positions.

Results of cooperation has been running on a fast and flexible CMS since May 2023, which thanks to our skilled programmers managed to merge 3 different suppliers under one brisk and modern e-shop. Just like in the Slovak and Hungarian versions, the solution covered all the client's requirements – both B2C and B2B zones with all their specifics, so that Bezvavlasy could continue to grow at a rocket pace. 

Summary through the eyes of ui42

Hairless is a unique project and at the same time a challenge that we managed to fulfill thanks to the skill and scope of our programmers in a one-stop shop agency and a custom technical solution. We are glad that despite such a large-scale intervention, we redirected more than 10,000 products in the e-shop without compromising their organic traffic. 

How does Bezva vlasy evaluate our cooperation?

We have had an excellent experience with ui42; working with them is always professional and efficient. Special thanks go to project manager Rastislav Sásik, whose leadership and organizational skills have significantly contributed to the success of our projects. His attention to detail and problem-solving abilities continuously convince me that we have chosen the right partner. Of course, I recognize that this success is due to the entire ui42 team, who do an outstanding job.

Thank you, and I look forward to more successfully completed projects.

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