WHAT IS Buxus?

Buxus CMS operates hundreds of web sites and e-stores. More than 1000 users and 50 programmers and editing, programming websites every day . 

  • Buxus is the content management system to update and manage Web portals.
  • Buxus is a web development framework.
  • Buxus is a full-shop ecommerce  system with premium features for online marketing.

For what websites and apps is BUXUS suitable?


Media, international businesses, catalogs, presentations ...


Corporate websites with many editors and private restricted zone ... magazines and newspapers ... portals with multiple domains and language versions benefit from easy editing posibilities,  the tree structure of pages support B2B web applications, maximum security, granular set user rights and limitless possibilities of expansion. With Buxus you can also use a special tools such as calculators, forms, special "landing pages"and many more without programmer intervention.


Online stores B2B online stores


You do not have to choose between CMS and ecommerce system. Buxus it's not only a content management system, with e-commerce module, its a e-commerce software. Buxus is the product that TOP players are using today to achieve best results. It provides all variety of marketing tools, you can communicate directly with your customers and manage all social content in one place. We are relying on experience from hudreds of our customers once we develop new features into our Buxus e-commerce software.  


Offices, schools, cities, municipalities ...


Websites of public administration must comply with all accessibility requirements under the criteria of EU regulations - which means that all websites must be accessible to the blind people with impaired vision or impaired motor skills. Our programmers  have many years of experience in designing accessible web sites. Public and government sites Benefits from easy Buxus administration also by flexible tree website structure, detailed user rights management and archive, which records all changes to the site.  


Online Travel Agencies

travel agencies

Buxus allows any bulk uploads of photos and automatically generates thumbnails. Photos can be automatically reduced or cut off. Management of travel offers, hotels, dates and destinations is effective because it is set individually to the client needs. The support of responsive design, newsletters and interactive features such as forms, online calculators, discussions, links to social networks are fully supported.


Intranet, extranet, database, web application

Unlimited flexibility

We have created many intranets on Buxus, brokers online systems and many marketing applications. If you need a content management witch allows to set hierarchy among users, customer profiles, forms and newsletters, you can use advanced features of Buxus. We always program website and application with specific functionality according to your wishes.


Agency E-shop with its own programmers

Own development

Thanks to the uncompromising flexibility of BUXUS it's ideal for the development of sophisticated online system. You can have a full control of development even without our support.  Many of our customers have their own development teams and they building their system on our framework. (HTML, CSS, editing modules through PHP development etc) Alternatively, you can completely solve development without us. If necessary, you reach can always reach to us. 

ERP systems, accounting and warehouse systems ...

Thanks to the Buxus you can connect your website with your backend system

Buxus is integrated with:

  • PEAR software,
  • Apostar 
  • economic softwares and warehouses (Comfort, iKros, MRP, SPIN, Nautilus, Nols, ELAL, Pohoda, Money)
  • search Lucene SOLR full text of Slovak language and inflected
  • tool for managing PPC campaigns with Google AdWords API
  • to deploy Graf neo4j database and more ...

Integration with external systems is a part of almost any major project. Buxus is being set in the way so we can easily link to any external systems.