Online Pharmacy Achieves 523% Increase in New Users with SEO

Online Pharmacy Achieves 523% Increase in New Users with SEO

The goal of the collaboration was to optimize the client's website in order to achieve better rankings in search results for specific keywords and phrases. Favorable positions in search engine results in unpaid listings increase the likelihood that a user will click through to the website (organic traffic). Higher traffic subsequently significantly impacts other key objectives, such as conversions and revenue.

Non-branded keywords

We managed to improve the average positions of non-branded key terms from 11.2 to 6.2 in search results.


The increase in impressions


increase in clicks


Improving CTR

All key words (brand + non-brand)

We have also managed to improve the average positions of all the key words covered from 11.6 to 7.6 in search.


The increase in impressions


Increase in clicks


Improving CTR

2021 – 2022 vs. 2022 – 2023

In addition, we focused on the results of comparing two full years (July 2021 - June 2022 and July 2022 - June 2023). We monitored users coming from organic search and revenues.


User growth


New user growth


Revenue growth

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the tools of online marketing whose goal is to achieve organic website traffic. With our client, an online pharmacy, we managed to achieve excellent results through organic marketing. There was a 523% increase in new users compared between 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. The key terms we managed to cover represented a 764% increase in click-throughs. The most important goal is to secure advantageous positions in the search engine results, which users click on most frequently. This was successful for the client.

The main areas of cooperation

  • SEO audit
  • link building
  • content marketing
  • technical SEO
  • consultations for creating microsites

Key milestones of cooperation

We have created backlinks – link building.

The intention of our strategy was to strengthen subpages appearing in search results (for specific keywords) on the interface between the first and second page of search results (SERP). By continuously acquiring backlinks from other portals or partner collaborations, we directed links to articles, products, categories, or brands directly on the client's website. The main goal was to strengthen their positions and move them higher in the search results on the first page.

Creating Content with a Focus on SEO

The second key aspect of our collaboration was providing materials for the content section of the website. For the client, we supplied materials that were based on relevant keywords and their incorporation into crucial parts of blog articles and content subpages. This included recommendations for meta titles, headings and subheadings (H1-Hx), primary and secondary keywords, as well as suggestions for article topics and scope based on competitor analysis.

The goal was to create higher-quality content, not only from an SEO perspective but also for the benefit of the user (developing quality content for search queries related to the pharmaceutical industry focus). Similarly, we provided support to the client in crafting content for the subpages of individual categories and microsites.

We have checked the technical SEO.

In addition to the above-mentioned optimization tools, we have also reviewed parameters that influence so-called technical SEO (identifying broken links/page 404, and the like). During the audit, we discovered weaknesses that, from a technical SEO perspective, can improve the positions of individual subpages in search results.

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