One-stop shop success: Sales soar 110%.

Lomax Case Study One-stop shop success: Sales soar 110%.

It often happens that if a client initially looks for an agency to manage paid campaigns, they eventually need help with SEO and social media. In the end, they may realize that a new website would also take them a step further. In that case, a one-stop shop agency is the ideal solution. A place where the client can find all the necessary services for their project under one roof. The result is an efficient collaboration that leads to, for example, higher turnover and lower advertising costs.

Results of our cooperation

+ 110%

In the year-over-year comparison of revenue, partly after the deployment of the website on the BUXUS CMS, we have recorded a 110% increase in revenue within paid advertising in Google Ads.

- 15%

By optimizing paid campaigns, we were able to achieve a lower cost per conversion in Google Ads.

Results of collaboration and numbers

Task and goals of the cooperation

Lomax approached us in 2022 with a functional e-shop that had been running for about two years. Up to that point, they had been managing their campaigns themselves. At this point, they were looking for professional services that would help them get the most out of their paid campaigns. The goal of the cooperation was to become one of the leading e-commerce players in the market for professional hair cosmetics and supplies.

Main areas of cooperation

  • PPC campaigns
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • New website on the BUXUS CMS

Key milestones of collaboration

We set up paid campaigns

The first step in the collaboration was to set up, launch, and evaluate paid PPC campaigns, which the client had previously managed himself. In this phase, we focused only on Slovakia.

We expanded our performance marketing services

After the Slovak market, our client entrusted us with the management of paid campaigns in the Czech Republic. The next step was social media advertising and search engine optimization. Thanks to our wide range of services, the client did not have to deal with an external supplier.

We maximized the potential of omnichannel marketing

By connecting individual channels within performance marketing, we have achieved great results. The basis was the maximum amount of input information, which we were able to translate into, for example, effective granularity of PPC campaigns, but also in other areas. Omnichannel marketing has also proven to be an effective way to ensure the continuous growth of the entire project in this case.

We created a new website on CMS BUXUS

The launch of a new website on the BUXUS content management system from ui42 was a significant step. The reason was the need for the client to be able to respond to development more flexibly and create added value for the customer. An example of this are new custom features that significantly contribute to the website's better results. An example of this are so-called "packages", thanks to which the client has seen an increase in the average order value. The success of the new e-shop is not only due to the professional web development team, but also to the significant support from the marketing team that has been working on the project so far.

Thanks to the one-stop shop, we increased turnover and reduced costs

The biggest benefit of the entire project under our direction is the fact that, thanks to a one-stop shop agency, we were able to provide the client with all the necessary services under one roof. Communication across departments (marketing teams, web development teams, etc.) ensured that they could work with first-hand information and effectively translate it into the best possible result. This is not only a new, fine-tuned website, but also the numbers we have achieved.

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