Transforming Clicks into Conversions with PPC

Obleč sa do roboty Case Study Transforming Clicks into Conversions with PPC

Paid campaigns (in this case, PPC campaigns) are one of the most common components of the marketing mix for e-commerce projects. In order for them to be effective and generate higher conversions, they need to be properly optimized. From detailed settings to campaign granularity to making the right decisions based on analyzed data, PPC campaigns can help achieve even such great results as with the client.

Results of our cooperation

+ 75%

YoY conversion rate growth

- 53%

YoY decrease in cost of sales percentage

Task and goals of the cooperation

The goal of the cooperation was to achieve better results from paid advertising campaigns than in the years during the Covid-19 pandemic after the turbulent pandemic period. The main area we focused on within the cooperation were paid PPC campaigns through Google Ads advertising.

Main areas of cooperation

  • PPC campaigns

Key milestones of cooperation

Significant changes in the main sales range

An interesting point that plays a significant role in the comparison of results before and after the collaboration is the nature of the client's main range. While before the Covid-19 pandemic, workwear and shoes made up the bulk of sales, there was a turnaround during the pandemic. For logical reasons, workwear was replaced by masks and respirators. This subsequently changed after the end of the pandemic, when their sales fell again.

Increased conversion rate by managing PPC campaigns

By optimizing and granularizing paid campaigns in Google Ads, we were able to achieve results that exceeded the client's expectations. Optimized Performance Max campaigns and Search campaigns are the reason why we increased the conversion rate in the e-shop and significantly reduced the cost per conversion.

We launched paid advertising on Google

The starting point from which we started was the very good results of the e-shop from the sale of masks and respirators. Our task was to exceed this goal. However, already with the main sales assortment from before the covid period - workwear and footwear. The first joint activities in the field of performance marketing started in the summer of 2022. It was precisely during this period (after the upgrade of the e-shop) that the client was looking for a reliable partner who would help him achieve better results with the management of paid campaigns.

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