Where client's ideas take shape in the digital realm.

Voxberg Case Study Where client's ideas take shape in the digital realm.

A functional website is the foundation of a project that aims to sell online. In addition to being a direct tool for e-commerce sales, it helps build the brand and brand credibility. The key is not only a modern design but, most importantly, a reliable, fast, and user-friendly website. Programming such a website requires the involvement of multiple experts. Read how, thanks to our reach as a one-stop-shop agency, we created one for our client.

Key cooperation milestones

January 2022

Start of collaboration and programming for the new website

June/July 2022

Website launch

January 2023

Start of e-commerce business for the client and entry into the new season

Project Progress Step by Step

Design Concept and Website Development 

The client approached us with a ready-made design concept that they wanted to transform into a modern and reliable e-commerce website to serve visitors to their satisfaction. To ensure that the design elements met expectations, it was quite a challenge to program them to function correctly and logically interconnect.

Details Matter, Even at the Cost of the Final Price

Since the client knew exactly what they expected from the new website, the entire collaboration emphasized fine-tuning even the smallest details and functionalities. In the end, this meant a doubling of the estimated budget, but the result was a finely tuned website precisely as the client envisioned.

Entering the New Season Fully Prepared 

The beginning of the year is typically the peak season for this segment. As the website was launched in the summer of 2022, January 2023 was the moment when the client could compete fully with manufacturers and sellers of nutritional supplements in the Slovak market. The e-shop currently operates on a single domain with two additional language variants (ENG, CZ).

How did we do it?

Bringing the Feedo website up to speed required the right combination of frontend and backend enhancements, led by a new content management system - CMS BUXUS. Using a design with elements that deliver a better user experience, the secondary goals of our assignment - a higher conversion rate as well as higher order value - were also evident. In addition, Feedo is ready to expand into new markets thanks to its flexible content management system.

How does Voxberg evaluate our cooperation?

When searching for a supplier for our website, we were looking for an agency that would create a unified team with us and wouldn't approach the collaboration in the traditional agency-client style. We needed the agency to understand our business, vision, and mission so that they could contribute equally to the development of the Voxberg website. At ui42, we met these expectations fully, as today, proposals and input for further development are coming not only from our side but also from ui42, which we greatly appreciate.

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