Unleash Chat GPT's power: Conquer global markets effortlessly.

Koku Case Study Unleash Chat GPT's power: Conquer global markets effortlessly.

Artificial intelligence and its tools bring the opportunity to speed up the expansion into new markets for e-commerce platforms and also reduce the costs associated with translating the website into different language variations. At ui42, we have an exclusive access to the API interface of the Chat GPT tool (one of the few in Slovakia). By integrating our CMS BUXUS with the Chat GPT API, we have significantly reduced the time and budget required for client expansion through well-formulated prompts (inputs for Chat GPT).

Task and Objectives of Collaboration

The main requirement of the client was a faster and more efficient expansion into new markets. The traditional solution - language translation variations in collaboration with a translation agency - took a significant amount of time and incurred substantial costs. Problems also arose when using the Google Translate tool for automated translations. Some expressions (such as brand names) were automatically translated by the tool, requiring additional manual editing.

Main areas of cooperation

Results of collaboration and numbers

Using artificial intelligence, we have translated several thousand product names in a record short time. Moreover, at incomparably lower costs compared to manual translations using a native speaker/copywriter or even a translator, which required additional intervention.

To be more precise, the translation of 2000 product names cost approximately $7. One input to Chat GPT had an average length of 46 tokens/34 words (prompt + product name). On the other hand, one output from Chat GPT (the product name itself) had an approximate length of 30 tokens/23 words.

Pricing API

1 token

the total value of conversion

0.03 $

1000 input (prompt) tokens

0.06 $

1000 output (response) tokens

Key milestones of cooperation

We have connected AI and CMS

Expanding into new markets brings the creation of new mutations within the content management system. Since our CMS BUXUS is sufficiently flexible, by integrating with the Chat GPT API, we have shortened the amount of time that a client would otherwise need to create a new fully functional language version of an e-shop.

Chat GPT API interface

Access to the Chat GPT tool's API allows us not only to work with the latest version but also to customize the artificial intelligence according to our needs. For example, we can provide custom inputs (files, information) to the tool, based on which it can process a unique output precisely as per our requirements.

We have appropriately formulated the prompt

To ensure the most relevant output, it is crucial to provide the correct input to Chat GPT. By using a well-formulated prompt, we managed to eliminate the issue of automatic translation of brand names, which was present in a conventional translator. The artificial intelligence with zero error rate recognized the brand names and preserved them in the correct form, without translation. The result was fully automated translations into a foreign language (Bulgarian) and even alphabets (Cyrillic).

What is artificial intelligence and Chat GPT?

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings a way to automate processes without the need for human intervention. Today, there are already many tools on the market that can effectively streamline web-related tasks through machine learning. Whether it's administration, programming, creative processes, or even automated recommendations (cross-selling and upselling) that increase conversion rates in an e-commerce store. Our COO, Viktor Doletina, discussed the various areas where you can leverage artificial intelligence at the Website Story V online conference.

AI and Chat GPT are the way to expand abroad

With the utilization of artificial intelligence, the expansion into foreign markets becomes much more accessible for e-commerce stores. Thanks to access to the Chat GPT API tool, we can create an unlimited number of language variations in an incomparably shorter time. Previously, clients would have had to incur significant expenses for translators/native speakers/copywriters to achieve the same results. By combining AI with a flexible editorial system, we can help e-commerce stores expand into new markets more efficiently. With high-quality outputs, they can achieve profits faster and with exponentially lower costs than was previously possible.

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