How we turned a small retailer into a giant

Najšport Case Study How we turned a small retailer into a giant

Najšport is a haven for athletes of all levels. Amidst the competitive environment of online and retail, it faced a challenge in 2023 to strengthen its name and effectively reach a wider audience. Our mission was clear: increase profitability, reduce OPEX and at the same time set up targeted communication that captivates all sports enthusiasts - from amateurs to professionals across Slovakia.

Results of our cooperation (YoY)

+ 55 %

Google Ads revenue

+ 130 %

Meta Ads revenue

+ 44 %

price comparison website revenue

+ 61 %

online revenue

Collaboration between ui42 and Najšport

About our successful and long-lasting cooperation with Najšport we wrote last year, but our work did not end there. It started to take on new dimensions with year-round marketing cooperation. Thanks to one-stop shop services, we were able to elevate the marketing and brand of Najšport to a new level. In addition to managing the e-shop on our editorial system BUXUS, which we continuously optimize and improve, we also focused on its CX/UX optimization, management of PPC campaigns on Google, Meta, and Heureka, as well as on purchasing media space.

Objectives of cooperation

  • increase profitability
  • reduce PNO
  • communicatively support the relocation of the store
  • CRO
  • CX/UX optimization

Main areas of cooperation

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • Price comparison website
  • E-commerce tips and improvements
  • Optimization of UX
  • Media

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