Chatbot from ui42 is the way to increase online shop sales

Chatbot from ui42 is the way to increase online shop sales

Chatbot lends a helping hand to full online shops and exhausted customer support

Nobody can deny the fact that the communication with customers is a very important element also in the e-commerce environment. It is so important that it can play a crucial role in generating sales.

Any user can get easily lost in a large online shop with multiple categories and products and needs help or assistance making their decision. The stumbling block would be a situation when customers are in need of a very specific product or service and rely on insider’s help.  

How to tackle these problems to make sure your online shop won’t lose customers?

Chatbot from ui42 can lead users, help with purchases but also answer repetitive questions that would under normal circumstances clog up call centres or online shop’s customer support department. 

How chatbot works in online shops with multiple categories, products and criteria. (H3) 

One of the main areas chatbot can help raise sales in is an already mentioned large online shop with a broad assortment of products with many parameters

It might be difficult for visitors to choose the right product. They know its type or category and roughly where to find it; however, the search results might be vast with hundreds or thousands of products (e.g. water pump, screws or nail polish). Whenever your visitors face this problem, they try to make their search easy by filtering the results, setting up the right parameters which can be numerous, too… And what is the result?

What sometimes happens is that by choosing the wrong search parameters, your potential customers can be left confused standing in an online cul-de-sac without finding products they have been looking for - or they might find too many of them and get into decision-paralysis

And this is the moment the chatbot steps in. By implementing chatbot, you are virtually providing your visitors with a virtual shop assistant who can assist them just like the real ones would do.

To implement a chatbot into an online shop would mean to set up an API for faceted search and prepare rules and texts for the respective product types and categories in the online shop. Currently, chatbot from ui42 is connected to online shops running on CMS BUXUS through API. 

Chatbot is here to support your call centre, customer care department or live chat

Another big group of projects that can turn chatbot into a commercial advantage are those under big pressure on their call centres or customer care departments. 

Thanks to API for FAQ, the program can answer predefined questions using short, long or even HTML answers directly in the chat window.

This decreases pressure on real employees who can focus on other tasks at hand. Chatbot, however, is not a closed system. By continuously updating its question database, you can improve your chatbot by exposing it to new model online situations.

How can chatbot save time and personnel costs?

Chatbot’s big advantage is that it can lead customers to products they are interested in buying without having to visit the online shop. The online shop’s owner can customise these questions in multiple languages and forms. 

Think of where you might have talked to an experienced chatbot without ever realising it?

Facebook utilises chatbots’ full potential 

Facebook is just the right platform for using chatbots both in sales support and customer care. It is possible to implement the product offer and possible frequently asked question within the interface of the same chatbot on the website and also directly in direct chat in Facebook messenger. The chatbot can be very convincing also during marketing campaigns and the clear plan for the future is to aim at website’s visitors. 

LiveAgent makes it possible to combine chatbot and a live operator

The main advantage of integration into the LiveAgent interface is that customers chatting to chatbot can at some point choose to speak to a live customer support operator. They can then return to their conversation with chatbot at any given time. 

Google Analytics can lead chatbot to more efficient communication 

Are you interested in numbers? Events in Analytics can monitor how customers during chats behave and interact. Exact numbers and charts can reveal which products are the most popular and which questions are the most frequent and eventually also how successful chatbot was in answering them. This can then clearly show how much workload was taken off real operators and shop assistants.

Chatbot is not here just for chatting…

It seems that chatbot was destined to chat, yet again, it’s going to exceeds your expectations! It can be extremely versatile. Chatbot is excellent at assisting with configuring websites customers find confusing and leave for competitors’ websites empty handed. It can also inform customers about your loyalty program with the right tone of voice for registered users, and eventually can lead first-time shoppers to registration.

And as every e-commerce project is truly specific, we are facing innumerable possibilities and ideas of chatbot implementation. 

Chatbot from ui42 works for more than one and can help to expand your online shop 

Having chatbot on your team means one more more colleague who can help put fire out in places you have previously failed before and lost valuable customers.  Thanks to its extremely flexible system we can launch him for more subsites and connect it with multiple communication channels at the same time. It achieves the best results thanks to reliable and fast backend and precise user interface, or UX, two areas ui42 excels at. 

Those who are not completely satisfied with the ready-made version of chatbot with some minor customisation can use artificial intelligence of a tailor-made chatbot. Our experienced UX experts can tune him out to perfection so its interaction with customers can translate into maximum amount of conversions. 

Chatbot on your team makes expanding fun!

Today, chatbot from ui42 increases sales and helps communicate with customers in 10 languages by using NLP (natural language processing) platform from Facebooku which supports all European languages.

Chatbot from ui42 is then ready to help online shops expand abroad. It helps potential customers by answering their questions and lead them on their virtual journey without the need for a native speaker in the respective country.

And what is its biggest advantage? Time flexibility! It works 24 hours a day 7 day in a week. Every time the customer support is no longer available or your online shops experience a larger amount of customers.

"Chatbot from ui42 gives us an opportunity to boost online sales through innovative technologies, mainly with new customers. At the moment, chatbot is active for all visitors with smartphones using our Slovak online shop outside our working hours, when our real customer support operators are not available. Thanks to chatbot we see purchases even from undecided customers, whose queries we address the following day. We are preparing chatbots for our online shops abroad, too. After a successful testing period, we are eager to implement and use chatbot also during our regular working hours.

Andrea Podstrelencová, owner of an online shop selling cycling clothing and accessories

Chatbots future? Not just assisting, but also selling

Technologies go forward by leaps and bounds. Artificial intelligence has been here with us for a while now and its possibilities get implemented in our daily lives increasingly often. Even though chatbot has been declared an e-commerce trend, its possibilities haven’t reached its full potential just yet. 

The opposite is true. In foreseeable future, we want, chatbot from ui42: 

  • To integrate Google Messages interface 
  • To be connected to a recommendation tool (working on behind of the artificial intelligence) to be able to recommend the most suitable products based on customers’ behaviour on the website
  • To increase sales through RCS (new SMS protocol)
  • To improve thanks to added shopping cart and the possibility to shop straight from chatbots interface

Would you like to have a colleague who does not complain if you play Beatles in the office on a loop, does not mind freezing AC and can work 24/7? Contact us! We might have one ready for you at ui42!

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