Choosing the right agency is a vitally important step on your way to success. Why is one-stop shop the best solution for your project?

Choosing the right agency is a vitally important step on your way to success. Why is one-stop shop the best solution for your project?

We decided to call ourselves a one-stop shop agency for a simple reason - as it perfectly describes our journey on the Slovak e-commerce scene since the moment we started 24 years ago. So what exactly does it mean? 

One-stop shop is a complex solution and can be a strong partner at birth, development and eventually also foreign expansion of any online project. This includes a stable tailor-made content management system, elaborated UX testing, website and app development, B2B solutions, solutions for artificial intelligence and a vast scale of online marketing activities. 

What is really important - apart from the amount of services one-stop shop agencies offer is their outreach and the perspective from we at ui42 look at your projects. 

Do you want to know more about the stories behind many successful projects?

Recipe for success? Team full of brilliant people and interconnected services.

It is not easy to choose the right online marketing agency. After the pandemic, which kick-started Slovak e-commerce, there are suddenly bags of them. How to find the one that can push your project over the finishing line - or even further - most effortlessly?

The answer is one-stop shop.

The basic haters’ arguments are simple: If an agency offers a complex package of different services, it means it is a jack of many trades but master of none. However, the appearances are deceptive here.  ui42’s results are a proof that we have been a stable partner of many market leaders and promising start-ups. What is our secret?

  1. Interconnected services 
  2. Specialist with outreach to different fields

These are the two key points most beneficial for our clients. In other words, if the marketer can prepare a task for developers in such a way that their first output meets the general expectations, it saves the online shop’s owner not only time and money  - otherwise needed to implement necessary changes - but also (and let’s be honest here) a lot of stress. 

Another unbeatable advantage of this model is that in case of in-house solutions within the same agency, it is not necessary to look for different people for programming, marketing and UX testing. Is it possible that this time, the grass is greener on your side of the fence?

Every project is unique. It is crucial to pinpoint on focus on the parts with the most potential.

Most of our clients come to us with partial tasks. To programme an app, optimise the search engine (SEO), set up Google Analytics, etc. 

However, we are always interested in more. Thanks to the experience and outreach of our individual departments, our project managers can approach projects with complete knowledge on how they function. They see the background of your website or an online shop, problems it encounters and most importantly its goals - each of these aspects is part of the crucial information we need to be able to design a solution having the full complexity of your project in mind. 

Online project is like a living organism, consisting of multiple parts. The main goal for our teams at ui42 is to come up with a process most beneficial for our customer -  in other words, just like putting make-up on your face would not solve your acne problem, we don’t rely on superficial solutions and will recommend deep skin cleaning so your face can make the best impact on the passersby. 

“To convince our potential clients to change their mind and choose a different service or solution is a hard nut to crack.Yes, it would be easier to approve their ideas, send an invoice, complete the task and not ever look back. However, that is not how weat ui42 want to do things. It is important that we lead our clients to their goals in a way that is the most beneficial for them, even if it means telling them that there are other alternatives and solutions even if they differ significantly from those they initially requested of us.”

Andrej Kajan, CEO

We optimise not only clients’ websites but also their budget

As soon as we know the background and the goal of your project, we can analyse the areas that need improvement but also those that carry it forward. Optimisation is key not only in the marketing department - what we are trying to do here is to use our client’s budget effectively and meaningfully

Take automation in PPC campaigns which has freed marketers’ hands and the time they now have can be used for such online activities that can move the project forward. This could be an improved position in organic search which effectively complements paid advertisements.  

It shows again that to interconnect services and organise them is an incredible advantage which you can’t get in an ordinary agency. 

Years of experience taught us that a website usually achieves the best results if all its processes have been coordinated in order to meet users’ requirements in the most effortless way on their journey through online space. And we are not alone.

It’s the user who stands in the centre of all online activities. Even the biggest search engines want to know how fast their websites load, whether they can answer users’ questions and what obstacles they have to overcome to meet their demand. Overlap of different areas (see SEO and UX which have been becoming part of optimisation) is a trend worth following.

Expansion abroad is not only for the chosen ones - sometimes, it might be the fastest way to reach your goal 

This overlap is not the end, though. At ui42, we think that expansion knows no borders.  As what very often happens is that the chances of achieving success abroad are much higher and even with setting aside a smaller budget!

A project based on high quality CMS can cause ripples in multiple countries simultaneously and grow together with ever-forward running e-commerce. And your dreams. By not underestimating the choice of your agency, you will be able to direct the means for your project’s growth effectively and reach chosen goals sooner than you ever expected.

It’s a job for a few specialists to look at a project from the right perspective. Or a one-stop shop agency, where you can anchor and at the same time let your project fly. ui42 can’t wait to hear your story and see your vision.


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