Is your website not performing? Just creating a website is not enough

Website is the foundation for functioning in the online space. In the case of an e-commerce, it represents a brick-and-mortar store. It is also an excellent tool for conveying information or presentation – services, activities, portfolio, and the like. However, creating a website is just the first step to obtaining a functional tool for your online business. What all should you consider if you want your website to fulfill the expected goal?

Is your website not performing? Just creating a website is not enough

Is your website not performing? Just creating a website is not enough

Website is the foundation for functioning in the online space. In the case of an e-commerce, it represents a brick-and-mortar store. It is also an excellent tool for conveying information or presentation – services, activities, portfolio, and the like. However, creating a website is just the first step to obtaining a functional tool for your online business. What all should you consider if you want your website to fulfill the expected goal?

Is your website not performing? Just creating a website is not enough

Responsive web and its speed are key when creating a website 

It matters what the website is built on 

One of the first questions you need to crack when creating a website is its technological solution. You have several options to choose from. Either you decide for a ready-made template, or you have a custom website created. While in the first – more cost-effective case – it is true that you can easily and quickly fill your website, in the case of a custom website, the advantage is flexibility and a unique solution. With e-commerce and websites that work on a template basis, you will encounter certain limitations, for example in terms of customization, optimization, and the like. A custom website, built on a flexible CMS, brings opportunities to open the gates wide for your online business (even to the world) – with original design, fine-tuned functionality, speed, or integration with other systems (ERP, payment gateways, etc.).

Responsive design is a must-have today 

An important step, already at the stage of creating the site, is responsive design. This means that the website design adapts to the device (screen size) from which the user is currently viewing the web. It is important not only the arrangement of individual elements on the page but also their quantity and design, which will make them visible and easy to use. Non-responsive web is the second reason why visitors leave the site. According to research by Google, as many as 72% of users prefer to use mobile devices.

A fast website brings more customers 

Website speed is today a parameter that decides whether a customer will order a product on offer or not. According to statistics, slow loading and sluggish website responses affect as many as 82% of website visitors. Conversely, pages that load within one second achieve up to 3x higher conversion rates. An example is the Slovak e-shop Feedo, where we managed to achieve a 5.2% higher conversion rate in a short period thanks to faster page loading, as well as a higher average order value (see case study).

UIČKOVSKÝ TIP: Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics you should track within your website data. It tells you what percentage of visitors actually performed the goal you are tracking – conversion. In other words, how many completed an order or contacted you via a form.

Do not underestimate website optimization 

Why optimize the website? 

A website that is responsive and fast enough already has plus points in terms of optimization. What is it actually about? SEO – search engine optimization is often an underestimated parameter that website owners do not address. While in the case of paid marketing campaigns, almost immediate results can be achieved, search engine optimization is a long-term run. However, if you embark on it, you will be greeted at the finish line by results in the form of new website visitors who will visit you from organic – unpaid search

UIČKOVSKÝ TIP: When asking how to optimize a website? it is important to note that it is not just about Google bots (in Slovakia, it is the most used search engine, so here SEO = optimization for Google search) and some precisely set rules (you can find a list of 200 ranking factors here). Website optimization should be viewed with the user in mind. If the website can meet his need or answer questions, it also gains valuable points from an SEO perspective. You can read more about it in the article on the intersection of SEO and UX.

On-page, off-page, and technical SEO 

The goal of optimizing a website for search engines is to occupy the best possible positions in search results. Ideally, to be placed on the first page of results – SERP. According to statistics, only 63% of users click on one of the results on the second page. SEO includes several areas from which a website can be optimized. Technical SEO, on-page, and off-page SEO. While the first case involves a number of parameters, such as the aforementioned page speed, sitemap, clear site structure for bots, or proper indexing, the other two parts address optimization on and off the page. 

The main element within on-page SEO is keyword analysis. Thanks to it, you will find out what terms and key phrases people search for in connection with your online business. These need to be appropriately incorporated into the content on the page, as well as important parts, such as titles, headings (possibly meta descriptions), or image descriptions. Another important factor affecting the placement of the website in the search is internal linking within the website and relevant content.

Off-page SEO is a set of practices that can improve the position of a website on external channels. An example is well-managed link building, activity on social networks, reviews, or any content creation on other portals or websites that you direct to yours.

A quality website is user-friendly 

What are UX and UI? 

In a multitude of competition the website that provides a positive user experience (UX – user experience) wins. It is a set of evaluative factors that are acquired during interaction with the site. In other words, whether the user can easily find answers to his questions, search for goods according to his preferences, or shop quickly and comfortably in a few clicks. UX is also associated with UI – user interface. It covers specific elements, their design, and functionality, which should be fine-tuned from the user's perspective so that the visitor gets the best experience with the website. UX and UI are indeed two different terms, but at the same time, they are very closely related. We wrote about the differences between them in an article on our blog.

What does UX bring to the website? 

User experience is an important factor that should be the focus of every website, e-shop, or application. Why?

Benefits of UX 

  • UX/UI design, created based on best practices and outputs from UX testing, facilitates the user's interaction with the website and removes obstacles from his shopping journey.
  • If the website meets the user's needs, there is a high probability that the visitor will become a customer. Otherwise, it is true that up to 89% of consumers will shop with the competition after a bad user experience.
  • UX helps build customer loyalty. If they are satisfied with the purchase or information, they are most likely to return and recommend the site through a review
  • UX design is key to creating an interesting, engaging, and beneficial website within brand awareness and brand marketing
  • UX reduces the rate of immediate departures – bounce rate. This metric is also important for SEO. The lower the bounce rate and the longer time spent on the pages, the more positive signal for the search engine that the website is properly optimized for the searched phrase and its content is relevant to the user. 
  • UX increases conversions. The easier the customer finds the product they need, and at the same time can add related products to the cart in one step, the sooner they will click the ORDER button.
  • The better the UX, the fewer calls to customer support. In other words, fewer inquiries like: I can't complete the order, I can't choose delivery, I can't find those yellow shoes, I filled out the form and what next, how do I return the goods, etc…

Shake up the competition with effective online advertising 

Which method of online advertising to choose? 

Terms such as online marketing, digital web marketing, or performance marketing include a multitude of ways to promote on the internet. Each has different advantages. You should choose based on what your goals are, who your target audience is, and where they spend the most time (for example, whether your audience is more on Facebook or prefers Tik Tok videos). However, you do not have to choose just one channel. Effective online advertising clearly stands behind a well-assembled marketing mix. 

Google advertising 

Advertising within the Google platform itself includes a large number of types of promotion. The most commonly used form is PPC advertising, where the price is charged only when the user clicks on the ad. Even here, however, you can choose from several formats – paid advertising in search results, campaigns within Google Shopping or attractive banner campaigns. The advantage of Google advertising is its targeting, measurability, and optimization thanks to Google tools (Google Ads, Google Analytics), flexibility in adjustments, and also immediate results.

UIČKOVSKÝ TIP: Google Shopping campaigns are a great option to offer your products with an image and price directly in the search results. We wrote about how they work and how to set them up in the article How to Google Shopping and setting up Google Merchant Center?

Advertising on social networks 

Social networks also offer possibilities for internet advertising. The advantage is mainly that there potential customers spend a lot of time and thanks to effective tools, it is possible to target the advertising very precisely. You can opt for various formats of paid advertising – for example, within the Meta company (Facebook and Instagram), where campaigns are managed and analyzed using a clear tool. Another alternative for promotion on social networks is the popular influencer marketing. 

UIČKOVSKÝ TIP: Do not choose an influencer for cooperation based on the number of followers. Focus on the interaction of his audience with the posts and whether you can find a connection between your product/brand and his influence (interests, opinions, etc.). You can find more tips on how to choose an influencer in the article Influencer marketing: How to find a pearl among influencers?

Internet advertising in price comparison sites 

Price comparison sites, such as Heureka, Pricemania, Favi, Biano, and the like, offer the possibility to use another channel for selling products. The advantage is that they capture the customer at the stage when he is already decided to buy the product and compares the price of the goods or possibly shipping. Placing products in the comparator using a feed increases competitiveness and brand visibility and also brings high return on investment (the potential customer is already in the shopping process stage).

Remind yourself with email marketing and remarketing 

Well-set email marketing has long been an effective tool for gaining new and caring for existing customers with internet advertising. You can send messages about advantageous promotions, special offers, news, brand information, or other unique content that could interest potential customers via emails. You can segment your email address database according to your needs (new leads, regular customers, etc.) and create personalized offers. 

Properly constructed email content with an engaging subject and appropriately placed call-to-action element (for example,

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