Výhody reklamy na Facebooku a Instagrame

Výhody reklamy na Facebooku a Instagrame

Benefits of Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Can Facebook and Instagram be of use to my project? Maybe you think that you know the answer and do not need a marketing specialist for that. But are you familiar with all the options that social media offer? It is no longer only about posting opinions and cool pictures. Advertising on social media is necessary in the form of PPC too, just like you know it from Google.

Numbers Matter

When we speak about social media, we still mean primarily Facebook. Even though it is sharing the market with competition, with its three billion active users, it is the biggest player on the market, while the integrated Instagram boasts around two billion users. Together they comprise Meta Platforms, Inc., and they offer attractive opportunities for promotion in every industry, sharing a large number of features. How to decide then which channel is the perfect one for your goals?

Interest in Facebook is slightly dropping, but that cannot be said about the commercial potential of Instagram, which developed as a visually oriented platform. The biggest group of Instagram users are people from 18 to 29 years of age, while approximately 67% of people in this age category are active on it. More than 80% of users use it for looking for products and services, and most users regularly interact with brands.

…But They Are Not Everything

Amount of users is not the only important factor, and the same goes for revenue, which might spike only temporarily unless you implement a detailed long-term strategy. Retention of customer awareness in the long term is exactly why you need social media. They are your shopping malls–visitors do not come to your store every day, but they still remember the shopping window. If you underestimate this just because you cannot measure your results precisely, in a year you may find yourself wondering why you have no results at all.

It Is (Almost) for Everyone

Facebook, since its beginnings, went through a lot of changes, while expanding the promotion opportunities. Even though its reputation falters, the high amount of visitors from various demographic groups and detailed targeting options remain unquestionable benefits. So with correct targeting, you can reach an elderly gardener, divorced chimney sweep, or young mother who is just starting her own business.

You can focus your campaigns based on various targets, whether you want to raise brand awareness, bring traffic to your webpage, gain new fans, or attract buying customers. Since you can spend as low as one EUR per day, young companies will find their footing here too. A marketing specialist then uses data to monitor progress and optimize campaigns; and yes, a good one can efficiently reach tens of thousands of the right people with just those few EUR.

Answer Is Clear

There are plenty of opportunities on social media, and if you lose out on them, a gap will remain in your marketing strategy. Someone can be deterred by the criticism towards Facebook, whether it is protection of young people, user privacy, or the absolutely dominant market position. Meta Platforms must keep handling these challenges, but for building your business, the choice is clear–the blue giant can be useful for you, no matter what your current goal is.