5 tips to ace a successful brand campaign

5 tips to ace a successful brand campaign

How to manage a brand campaign? Juraj Pobjecky, Head of Brand in Isadore, also Marketer of the year 2021 has shared his experience and recommendations in the following article. Isadore had an extremely successful brand campaign, so how can you replicate its success? 

Tip no. 1 – Once your brand starts to stagnate, it is time to give it a boost

Many online shops and e-commerce projects wonder when is the right time to launch campaigns that raise their brand awareness. According to Juraj Pobjecky, who apart from his work in Isadore also WORKS as a Head of Strategy for Darwin & Machines, the right time comes as soon as you start to stagnate. If your business finds itself in a stalemate and you don’t know which direction to go, the brand campaign might be just the thing you need to refresh it.

Tip no. 2 – Foundation stone of every brand campaign is emotion and audience reach

While customers coming to shops are motivated and can be persuaded to buy, the brand marketing works in a slightly different way. The core of most of the campaigns aiming to raise brand awareness is an emotion. They do not try to explain who they are or what they want to achieve. The right emotion can make a brand more memorable than the most convincing argument for purchase. That’s why creativity should be your strongest weapon in your efforts to build up a successful brand campaign.

Juraj says nobody should be afraid to think outside the box and use even somewhat provocative elements. Only 4% of advertising campaigns create a positive and 7% negative association. If you fall into either of these two categories, you can congratulate yourself. It would be worse to belong to the remaining 89% that do not leave any impression whatsoever. 

Equally crucial are reach, impact and distribution. You can create a flawless campaign; however, it will come to nothing without reaching a sufficient number of people.

Tip no. 3 – Difference between sales and brand campaign is vast

We have already talked about the audience being a key success factor for any brand. As opposed to a sales campaign which targets chosen groups of potential customers, a brand needs to address as many people as possible. The very first step before launching should be making sure marketers’ or online shop owner’s expectations are real. In this case, the competition doesn’t consist only of other sellers in the segment but also other advertisements, billboards on the side of the roads or an advertisement on youtube. These campaigns are not as easily measurable as acquisition campaigns which are launched for only a limited time period.

Tip no. 4 – What’s the best way to measure a brand campaign?

If we want to focus on KPIs and metrics that help us to evaluate a brand campaign, we should pay attention to Share of Search and Search Volume as these can anticipate even future conversions taking into account the active interest in the brand (the users actually searching the brand as opposed to only being familiar with it through campaigns in the media). Depending on how long the campaign has been active we need to choose a specific time period and then compare and evaluate (e.g. annually). Some of the reliable metrics are willingness to purchase, or brand perception and, of course, Revenue vs Spent. Important indicators are also new customers ratio and revenues for business flowing from their numbers. 

Tip no. 5 – Brand vs. sales and their ideal combination

Based on his experience from Isadore, the key piece of knowledge Juraj decided to pass on to marketers and online shops was cracking an everlasting mystery: Should we focus on brand or sales campaign? As Isadore’s story proves, it is crucial to combine them because after a well executed brand campaign can raise awareness of the brand among countless potential customers, it is the sales campaign that can turn them into sought after conversions. The clear message from the most recent holder of the Marketer of the year 2021 award is: 

If you want to grow effectively, you need both brand and sales.

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