What does AI personalized content mean?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important in generating personalized content on the internet in recent years. In 2023, AI generated more than 60% of personalized content on the internet, and this share is likely to increase in the future.

Offer customers what they might want

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can recommend products on your e-shop's product page or in a pop-up window that customers are most likely interested in. This makes your work more efficient and increases the average order value and ultimately the turnover of the entire e-shop.

Offer customers what they want, even before they want it

Another example of using artificial intelligence for personalized content is the category page on an e-shop. The arrangement of individual products is based on anonymized user data, which means that each customer has a specific arrangement of products and not as set by the e-shop administrator. The result is higher engagement, time spent on the page, or the number of products added to the cart.

Why use AI on your e-shop?

Thanks to personalized content, or also called automated recommendations, an e-shop can earn an average of 5% more with the same marketing costs and at 1.3% PNO. 

Personalized Google PPC campaigns

PPC campaigns account for an average of 50% of e-shop turnover, of which approximately 70% are Performance Max / Shopping campaigns. But how to improve and make them more efficient? Focus on campaign granularity, bidding on margin and optimization of distribution.

Content creation

Learn to use artificial intelligence effectively and to its fullest. An important step is the correct prompt. But how to make a good prompt? Define your entire brand identity - who we are, what we do, why we do it, who are our target customers, what are the values of our brand, and more. With quality input, you will have consistent content on the web that is correct from an SEO perspective and, most importantly, sells. 

AI Chatbot

Tree-based chatbots are a thing of the past. By connecting a Chatbot to ChatGPT 4, you can get the most out of a virtual shopping assistant with artificial intelligence support. Just teach it all the available information you have, whether it's internal documents, presentations, FAQs, or your e-shop's product portfolio.

If you are interested in an AI Chatbot, just contact us. At ui42, we specialize in custom programming, so we will certainly be able to adapt the chatbot to all your requirements. 

Expand abroad faster with AI

Expanding your e-shop to new markets has never been more accessible. ChatGPT offers endless possibilities, and translations are one of them. By connecting the BUXUS editorial system with ChatGPT, we managed to expand to the Bulgarian market in 2 weeks with a 95% translation success rate at incomparable costs compared to translation through a translation company. 

AI has the potential to significantly improve the quality and relevance of personalized content on the internet and thus increase overall customer satisfaction. AI will continue to develop at a rapid pace, and at ui42, we will therefore pay close attention to it and help our clients. Do you also want to join them and make your e-commerce business more efficient?

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