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Alza is one of the largest online retailers of electronics and consumer technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, belonging to the so-called first generation of e-shops. In addition to electronics and consumer technology, it also offers a wide range of products from various other categories such as toys, sports equipment, garden technology, cosmetics, and many others. Alza, besides its e-shop, offers its customers kiosks, stores, pick-up points, and Alzaboxes, which serve as pick-up points for other e-shops using the Alzabox network, which now has more than 1800. It also recently offers its own B2B marketplace platform called Alza Trade. 

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What is behind the success of the online store Alza?

Alza is considered one of the so-called first-generation e-shops, and therefore a very simplified explanation is - timing. It is important to realize that e-shops that are being established today already belong to the third generation and are fighting with huge competition.

The beginnings of Alza are dated between the years 1994 - 1998, and at the very beginning, it operated as a sole proprietorship. It began to build a significant position especially in the Czech Republic in 1998. Few people remember that Alza expanded to Slovakia as early as 2004. Gradually, it expanded its product portfolio, systematically built its brand, and utilized the potential that at that time was still unoccupied in the market. 

In 2015, it opened a large logistics center near Senec. In 2021, it opened a large store and showroom in Bratislava.

Main advantages of shopping at Alza

Alza is among the leading e-shops that put customer satisfaction (CX) first, and in this respect, they are rightly considered trendsetters and inspirers by many experts and entrepreneurs.

Alza is known for a very positive customer experience on the web, fast purchasing options, using data for personalization, AlzaDrive which is shopping from the comfort of a car, delivery to AlzaBoxes within 24 hours, fast refund and complaint options, the Alza+ product (which is a premium account for B2C and B2B) and most recently thanks to its own marketplace platform Alza Trade, which is currently available in the Czech Republic, where it connects more than 1000 e-shops and suppliers.

Alza Trade, a marketplace from Alza

Alza Trade is one of the many marketplace solutions that have emerged recently.

What does Alza Trade offer compared to other marketplaces?

  • 5 million active customers
  • Top-notch transportation infrastructure with branches and AlzaBoxes throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Easy integration with your e-shop and non-stop customer support.

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