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Facilitation in design represents a sophisticated process focused on guiding, managing, and supporting collective activities and interactions with the aim of achieving set goals.

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This technique is often applied in designing, innovation, and solving complex problems, where it is necessary to gather diverse opinions and perspectives, and at the same time adapt to the different natures of team members. The facilitator is an important person who ensures that all voices are heard and that the discussion proceeds efficiently, leading to the achievement of consensus and quality results.

In Slovakia, there is still insufficient awareness of what facilitation in design actually means. For us, facilitation means structured management of meetings, workshops, and projects. This process includes thorough planning, preparation, implementation, and subsequent analysis of these activities. The result is not only a better understanding and definition of problems but also an increase in efficiency and productivity of all participants.

Facilitation supports creative thinking, innovation, and collaboration among team members, leading to higher quality and originality of designs and solutions. The facilitator ensures a balance between different perspectives and directs the discussion and work processes so that the resulting solutions are as effective and innovative as possible. Therefore, facilitation in design not only contributes to a better understanding and definition of problems but also to the creation of higher quality and more sustainable solutions.

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