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Freelancer is a person, who works independently, meaning they are not an employee of any company. They usually specialize in a certain area, such as programming, marketing, design, copywriting, etc.

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Among the advantages of freelancing are, for example:

  • Freedom and flexibility: Freelancers can decide for themselves where and when they will work. They also have greater flexibility in choosing clients and projects.
  • Higher income: Freelancers can charge higher fees, than if they were employees. They set their own hourly rates or prices for projects/contracts.
  • Less stress: Freelancers do not have to face the stress of employment, such as adhering to working hours or attendance regimes.

Disadvantages of freelancing can include:

  • Income uncertainty: Freelancers do not have a guaranteed income, as employees do. Their income depends on the number of projects they acquire.
  • Independence: Freelancers are responsible for their own work and business. They do not have a supervisor to monitor or assist them with problems.
  • Independent marketing activities: Freelancers must secure their own clients and projects. This can be challenging, especially for beginners.

Freelancing is a suitable option for people, who want freedom and flexibility at work. However, freelancers must also be aware of the disadvantages, that this form of work brings. If a person starts, for example, in an agency and makes contacts either with clients or from the given segment, they can transition to freelancing much better, as they do not have to start from scratch but have recommendations and possibly projects for the future. 

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