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What does it mean

Google Premier Partner is an exclusive designation that Google awards to digital marketing agencies or companies that have demonstrated a high level of expertise and success in the field of online advertising through Google Ads. This prestigious award is the highest level within the Google Partners program and offers a number of benefits and exclusive accesses.

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Google Partner or Premier Partner?

Definitely Premier Partner. Only 3% of all Google Partners achieve the status of Google Premier Partner, which underscores the difficulty of obtaining and the prestige of this designation. 

Becoming a Partner is not that challenging, but if your agency is a Premier Partner, that really means something. And what does it mean? Does it make sense to prefer a Premier Partner over a Partner? 

Although the status should certainly not be the only criterion when choosing your business partner for managing online performance campaigns, you should give it some weight in your decision. Read on to find out how an agency can become a Premier Partner, which in itself proves its quality. 

Criteria for obtaining Google Premier Partner status:

  1. Campaign performance: The agency must demonstrate the ability to provide quality results to its clients, effectively manage campaigns, and achieve set goals.
  2. Certifications: Agency employees must be certified in various areas of Google Ads, which includes completing courses and tests.
  3. Advertising spend: The agency must manage a significant amount of advertising spend through Google Ads, which proves their experience and capacity to effectively manage large advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Google Premier Partner:

  1. Access to exclusive events and training: Premier Partners have access to special events, training, and webinars directly from Google.
  2. Dedicated support: Premier Partners have access to dedicated Google account managers who provide specialized support and consultations.
  3. Marketing materials: They can use exclusive marketing materials and resources to promote their services.
  4. Advanced features in Google Ads: They have access to beta versions of new products and features in Google Ads.
  5. Trust and prestige: The Premier Partner status increases the agency's credibility with clients, who know they are working with experts approved directly by Google.

How to recognize a Premier Partner?

Since it is indeed a prestigious status, most agencies place the Premier Partner logo directly on their website, so recognizing them is not a problem. However, if you are not sure whether your agency is a Premier Partner or not, be sure to inquire with your Account.

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