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Matomo (formerly Piwik) is an open-source analytics tool, which allows website owners to track and analyze the traffic of their websites. Matomo is fully owned and managed, which means, that website owners have control over their traffic data.

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Matomo is an open-source analytics tool (in the On-Premise version). Its development and updates are influenced by the professional community, which responds to specific problems and seeks solutions to continuously advance the tool. Similarly to Google Analytics, Matomo provides detailed information about website visitors. It records and evaluates their interaction with the website and thanks to a multitude of analyses and reports it creates an important support for data-driven decisions in online business.

However, Matomo Analytics is certainly not some unpolished novelty. For those who have been working with data for a longer time, you may know it also under the name Piwik, which was changed to the current Matomo by a rebrand in 2018. An undeniable advantage and reason why Matomo is currently used by nearly a million websites is data ownership. You can read about its other advantages and differences between Matomo and Google Analytics in our blog article.

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