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A PR article is a textual record that is created and distributed with the aim of promoting a certain person, organization, or product. The article is usually written in a journalistic style and published in the media, such as newspapers, magazines, websites, or social media.

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Main features of a PR article:

  • It is written in a journalistic style. This means it is clear, concise, and objective.
  • It is based on facts. A PR article should contain truthful information about a given person, organization, or product.
  • It is promotional. The goal of a PR article is to raise awareness about a given person, organization, or product.

PR articles can be an effective public relations strategy. If they are well-written and published in the right media, they can help companies and organizations achieve their communication goals.

PR articles can be written by internal or external PR experts. Internal PR experts usually have in-depth knowledge of the company or organization that employs them. External PR experts may have broader experience in writing PR articles and publishing in the media.

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