302 redirect

What does it mean

A 302 redirect is a type of HTTP status code redirection that notifies the browser or search engine that the source page has been temporarily moved to a new URL. When a visitor enters the old URL or clicks on an outdated link, the browser automatically redirects to the new URL.

More info

A 302 redirect is often used for temporary changes to a page's URL address, for example during testing of a new version of a website or during a site outage. In these cases, the redirect should be temporary and should be removed after the repair or the end of testing, and visitors should be redirected back to the original URL address. It is important to choose the correct redirect, as improper use of redirects can lead to a loss of authority and value of the website in the eyes of search engines. A 302 redirect is recommended only in cases of temporary changes to the URL address and should not be used as a substitute for a permanent 301 redirect.

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