A/B testing

What does it mean

A/B testovanie webu predstavuje riadený experiment, pri ktorom sú aspoň dve rôzne verzie stránky ukazované rôznym návštevníkom s cieľom zistiť, na ktorej verzii dochádza k častejšiemu splneniu definovaného cieľa.

More info

This testing can be used to test navigation, texts, prices, images, colors, layout of elements on the page, but also texts in email newsletters, as well as the appropriate time for sending them.  The essence of A/B testing lies in preparing two or more variants and then randomly displaying them to visitors of the e-shop. One user will see a green button on the product page and another a red button, one button with the text Buy, another with the text Add to Cart. Then the chosen metric is monitored, for example click-through rate or purchase conversion. After a certain time, when we have statistically relevant results, we implement the winning version as the final one on the live e-shop and conclude the experiment.

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