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AI (artificial intelligence) is defined as the ability of machines and computers to perform tasks that would require human intelligence. This discipline deals with the development of algorithms and technologies that allow computers to perform activities that would normally be considered characteristic of human intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence simplifies and enhances our lives in many ways, thanks to a special area of this scientific discipline called machine learning. Machine learning has seen development in recent years due to a technique called deep learning. It allows devices or systems to solve various tasks without the need for constant user (human) intervention. It works on the principles of neural networks and improves its outputs thanks to the ability to learn from real experience.

Artificial intelligence is also increasingly used in the field of e-commerce, and you can read about all its applications on our blog.

At ui42, we have even developed our own tool for recommending products based on artificial intelligence, which can increase the performance and efficiency of e-shops. 

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