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B2B is an abbreviation from English Business-to-Business. It refers to commercial relationships between two or more businesses, where products or services are not intended for the end consumer.

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B2B differs from B2C (Business-to-Consumer), which focuses on selling products or services directly to end customers. B2B relationships are usually more complex and involve multiple steps in the supply chain. B2B companies focus on building long-term relationships with their partners and providing solutions that meet their specific needs.

Characteristics of B2B Commerce

  • Longer decision-making process: Purchasing B2B products or services usually involves a longer decision-making process with multiple people involved.
  • Higher prices: B2B products and services are typically more expensive than products and services intended for end consumers.
  • More complex products and services: B2B products and services are usually more complex and require more technical knowledge.
  • Emphasis on relationship building: B2B companies focus on building long-term relationships with their partners.
  • Emphasis on personalization: B2B companies strive to personalize their offerings and solutions to the needs of their partners.

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing focuses on promoting products and services to companies. B2B marketers use various marketing channels, such as online marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and events.

Examples of B2B marketing activities:

  • Creating websites and blogs: B2B companies create websites and blogs to provide information about their products and services and to build relationships with potential customers.
  • Participation in events: B2B companies participate in events such as conferences and exhibitions to meet potential customers and partners.
  • Email marketing: B2B companies use email marketing to send information about their products and services to potential customers.
  • Content marketing: B2B companies create content marketing, such as whitepapers and e-books, to provide information about their products and services and to build relationships with potential customers.

B2B by ui42

At ui42, we have solutions for these types of commerce, which are personalized, functional, and fast B2B portals. One of the advantages is that the B2B e-shop minimizes errors that occur with traditional orders and saves costs on claims or returns of goods and many others. The B2B market is becoming increasingly important for the global economy and includes various sectors such as the automotive industry, information technology, energy, and others.

At ui42, we also provide comprehensive B2B solutions, optimized for efficient sales and tailored to your requirements, as well as the requirements of the customers themselves.

Our B2B Solution Case study

B2B E-shop: Your Wholesale Online Channel

B2B e-shop (or wholesale e-shop) is an online platform designed for the sale of goods and services between businesses (business-to-business). It functions similarly to a classic e-shop for regular customers (B2C), but it has its specifics, which result from the different needs of business clients.

Why should you have a B2B e-shop?

  • Increased sales and availability: A B2B e-shop allows your customers to shop anytime and from anywhere, 24/7. This streamlines the purchasing process and increases the overall volume of sales.
  • Reduced costs: Operating an online store is often cheaper than traditional sales channels, such as sales representatives.
  • Improved customer service: A B2B e-shop offers customers an overview of products, prices, and stock availability. It also allows for electronic ordering and tracking of order status.
  • Data collection and analysis: A B2B e-shop allows you to track the purchasing behavior of your customers and thus obtain valuable data for optimizing your store and marketing campaigns.

How does a B2B e-shop differ from a B2C e-shop?

  • Product offering: A B2B e-shop typically offers a wider and more complex range of products compared to a B2C e-shop. Products may be displayed in a simpler list and detailed descriptions may not be necessary.
  • Purchasing quantities: In B2B e-shops, purchases are usually made in larger quantities than in classic online stores.
  • Prices: Product prices in B2B e-shops are not publicly displayed. Each customer has an individual price offer, which depends on the quantity ordered, history of cooperation, and agreed discounts.
  • Customer accounts: A B2B e-shop allows for the registration of business customers and the management of their accounts. Customers can have access to order history, invoices, and other documents.
  • Payment methods: Payments in B2B e-shops are usually made through secure bank transfers or on invoice with terms.

What should a good B2B e-shop have?

  • Clear and user-friendly platform: Visitors should easily find the desired products and place an order simply.
  • Registration and account management: Allow customers to create a business account for managing orders, invoices, and purchase history.
  • Individual price offers: Price display should be dynamic and tailored to the specific customer based on their purchasing habits and agreed terms.
  • Orders based on product codes or parameters: Allow customers to order goods using product codes or parameters, which streamlines the process for repeat orders.
  • Secure payments: Use trustworthy payment gateways and ensure secure data transmission.
  • Data export features: Allow customers to export orders and invoices to formats such as .csv or .xls for easy processing in their corporate systems.
  • Connection to ERP system: Linking the B2B e-shop with your ERP system will allow for automatic stock updates, order synchronization, and invoice processing.

B2B commerce is an important part of the global economy. B2B companies play a key role in supplying products and services that are necessary for the operation of other companies. A B2B e-shop can be a significant tool for your company's sales development, improving customer relationships, and streamlining business processes.

B2B projects by ui42

Kompava - Long-term online presence strengthening.

Pexo - How to elevate a website of an e-shop to a new level.

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