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User Experience can be designed for various types of products and services:

  • digital products and experiences, such as websites, applications, TV interfaces, or for example, touch screens in stores or offices.
  • physical products and goods - from a ballpoint pen to a bus, design how the product will look, how easily you will learn to work with it, or what experience you have when unpacking it.
  • services, processes, and procedures - a common example is public administration, where citizens must perform prescribed activities to arrange, for example, documents or permits. Or the process of returning goods in a store. A well-designed process with an emphasis on the user can greatly simplify this (or make it worse).
  • interiors and exteriors - it is important to design a building so that it is easy to navigate, has spaces that its users will need, and where they feel comfortable. Good design is even more important because mistakes in real estate are later difficult and very expensive to correct.

How do UX designers ensure quality UX design?

  • UX research - using various research methods, we collect information about the needs and expectations of users.
  • Prototyping and designing - based on the findings from the research, the future appearance, content, and functionality of the product are designed. The designs can be processed into a prototype form, which resembles a real product but has a limited scope and features, so it can be tested before moving "into production".
  • Testing - testing prototypes with real users can "catch" errors earlier than if a real website was expensively programmed and later found to have usability or comprehension problems.
  • Iteration - the mentioned procedure is repeated, ideally indefinitely, as it is necessary to continuously improve our products or respond to market developments or newer technologies and trends.

Good UX design ultimately leads to improved user and customer satisfaction, higher loyalty, increased conversion rates, and overall business growth.

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