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YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform in the world. It provides users with the ability to upload, watch, and share videos on various topics, from music and movies to education and entertainment. YouTube is also a significant platform for marketing and advertising.

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YouTube has a huge user base. In 2023, YouTube had more than 2 billion active users per month. This represents a huge potential for reaching a large number of people, and thus an opportunity for marketing and advertising.

YouTube offers various types of advertising, which companies can tailor to their needs. It is up to the company and the specific content to choose which type of advertising on YouTube to select.

Skippable Ads

These ads appear before, during, or after the video. Users can skip them after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable Ads

These ads appear before, during, or after the video and cannot be skipped. They last up to 15 seconds.

Banner Ads

These ads appear on the side or bottom of the screen during video playback.

In-Video Ads

These ads are part of the video itself. They can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of the video. In-video ads can vary in length, from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

YouTube also offers data on ad performance. Companies can use these performance data to track, how their ads are performing. This data can help them improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Thanks to these factors, YouTube is a very effective platform for marketing and advertising. Companies can reach a large number of people through YouTube and track, how their ads are performing, for example by AB testing.

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