Chats in online shops have become an increasingly popular tool for customer support in communication with clients. ui42’s Chatbot assists customers in choosing products directly during the shopping process and substitutes the salesman from a physical store. Its target audience is the generation of users who have grown up chatting on their smartphones.

How exactly chatbot help me?

Many online shops have customers who find it difficult to find the right product. They might know the type of the product they are looking for, e.g. a water pump, an anorak or a women’s mountain bike. However, the product range might be too wide, counting in hundreds or even thousands of products. Customers can narrow down the search by setting the right parameters but they can become overwhelmed easily. Searching for a product with wrong search criteria is a dead-end street and leaves customers with something they are not looking for.

Martin Krupa: "Chatbot was programmed with the know-how of a professional salesman from a physical store, who asks the right questions in the correct order to help customers find what they need. Working on Chatbot, we utilised our experience in online shop development and by using the faceted search, we established our place among pioneers in Slovakia as the first time we used this type of search on our work portal was in 2009."

Apart from precisely designed, reliable and fast backend, it is important that chatbot has a flawlessly designed and executed user interface, i.e. UX, which is another thing ui42 are great at! Developing our user interface, we rely on frequent and regular usability testing - and we have been pioneers in this area since 2008. The design of the conversational user interface is a very specific and relatively new field with only a few available guidelines and recommendations.

Chatbot - beta version

It has been eight months since we started testing the beta version of Chatbot at (at the moment, it is available live also on cell phones at weekends,  holidays, and also from 5pm to 9am on work days).

Andrea Podstrelcova, the owner of the online shop selling cycling clothing and accessories:  "We see ui42’s Chatbot as a great opportunity to enhance our online shop using innovative technologies, especially when dealing with new customers. At the moment, Chatbot is online outside our regular opening hours during times when our regular customer service is not available. Chatbot enables us to collect data on undecided customers and contact them the following day. We would love to start using chatbot in our online shops based in other countries. After successful completion of the trial period, we plan to use Chatbot during our opening hours instead of our regular customer service."

Chatbot implementation and further development

ui42’s chatbot is suitable for online shops (e-commerce web) with multi-parameter faceted search and a large number of products. To start using Chatbot in an online shop means to set up API for faceted search and prepare rules and texts for all types and categories of products in the shop. At this moment, API connects Chatbot to online shops based on CMS BUXUS e-commerce.

The beta version is currently active in the Slovak language with also the Hungarian language version being ready. It can be easily used in other languages as its conversation skills are being run by NLP (natural language processing) platform from Facebook, which supports all European languages. As a result, Chatbot can help expand your online shop abroad.

It is very easy to review and analyse all conversations Chatbot had through Google Analytics. Based on the gathered data, it is possible to continuously edit Chatbot’s rules and texts to make the conversation between the customer and the online shop appear natural and make the customer choose the right products. Google Analytics can also show conversions and sales that Chatbot assisted with in the online shop.

Chatbot’s beta version is available as a web application. We plan to make it available also on regular chat platforms, just like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

We at ui42 are already working on giving Chatbot an ability to use the shopping basket and accept payments. This way, it can become a fully functional interface for online shops ideal for the new generation of customers who are used to chat over smartphones.

Chatbot can’t wait to work for your online shop, so why don’t you give it a chance? :-)

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