How did we help the Danish travel agency to increase conversions by 10%

Nowadays, we live in a world of endless possibilities, am I right? It has never been easier to create own website, blog or eshop. By doing a few clicks and double-clicks, we can start our online presence. However, the challenge comes when our creatures need to be dynamic and up to date - simply live. Doesn't it?

Our clients are proof of this statement when they ask for advices how to:

  • Build up a competitive and sucessfull project?
  • Increase conversions?
  • Multiply profit?

Take an inspiration from us and have a look on our steps we took in order to strenghten our client´s conversions. Conversions of the Danish travel agency – Risskov Bilferie.

Numbers count!

First of all, as you might know, the most important thing when doing a project is to provide analysis. It helped us  with an insight into the problem area. In practice, its not just about checking Google Analytics, but also having a better understanding of a local market, the team we are going to work with as well as their internal work processes and habits.

This is the reason why did we decide to make a trip to  Denamrk. And to be honest? Priceless experience! Not only that we got to know different culture and their work concept, but on the other side we find out very soon that marketing and logistics department was their achilles heel.

We were able to get an overview about company´s target group and their behavior on the website, based on data we obtained.

Risskov – Bilferie has mature clients (40+), who dont like changes. Therefore, we came up with more traditional design and traditional communication in terms of newsletter. It was sent a while before launching new website as well as the day of the official launch.


And the day „D“, when the website became active and online was the day that went above expectations. Conversions were boosted by 200% in the first two weeks. Afterwards, they got stabilized at +10% and avarage Session Duration increased threefold. Those outcomes make us happy, especially when we help our client out with finding a solution for his problem.

Small bonus for you: Tips and tricks for improving your conversions:

  • Less is more

Several psychologics and behavioral economists agreed, that endless possibilites, mentioning in the beggining of this arcticle, brought us hesistancy which leads to abandoning the shopping funnel and not making any purchase. But sometimes, the only thing your customers need is, is to be led. You have to benefit one product which is better and profitable more than the others to show its advantages which looks better than long list of identical products.

  • Think twice when it comes to dropdown boxes

Most of the users choose the same items when using filter for finding a hotel. Those users need a family room, half board, internet, etc. Dont hide these items into the dropdown box, but show them up at their first sight instead. Finding results imediatelly is what safes customer´s time and in the end the money. This is one of the critical sucess factors among your competition.

It is enought to show first 2-3 lines of the most clickable items on the responsive web version. What are the most clickable items? Take a look into Google Analtytics and identify them.


  • Build credibility

Let the word of mouth to be put at your site and let your satisfied customer write a review on your site. Show your potential customers that the existing ones were happy about your product or service provided.

Show the advantages

As soon as the customers come to the end of the buying process, cheer them up for doing a great thing when they decided to make purchase at your site. Did they save up on the order? Show it. Did they get any special promotial? Show it. Any kind of advantage they receive would make them sure they made a good decision when choosing your product or service instead of the competitor´s and would repeat it in the future again.

Thank you for your attention. We wish you a lot of successful partnerships. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact us.